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7 Signs A Girl Gives If She Is Interested In You

Date: 2018-11-23 15:13:00

By Manveen

It indeed is quite flattering to discover that somebody likes you and might sound selfish but is also boosts one's morale you know, like you still got it. The thing about human society is that one way or another there is somebody for everybody, blame it on interdependence if you may but truth is truth so if you think that there legit is no girl out there that likes you we dare you to take these signs and cross check and see if a name pops up in your head:


Yes, quite literally now that we have yours we want to tell you that you have her's.That one girl who gives you undivided attention and got you thinking is she a rare breed? No mate, she ain't no extinct specie, she just cares enough about you.


2.)Eats outta your head!

Maybe not literally but for a girl to leave her feminine pride and listen to your crap is no small deal, okay?

Have you ever given a girl a hard time and yet she stuck around you. Raincheck her last minute, showed up late, changed the venue, killed the neighbor, planned an invasion on earth with Aliens from Mars, any such thing and she was still high fiving you, ha?


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3.)Respects your preferences.

So you two had to catch up and this one lets you decide the place and the place was crappy and the next time she still considered getting your opinion on the next planned venue?

This sound familiar?



Most creatures do it due to weather conditions and if females go under a special weather called "falling for you" they tend to do this too. Out of the blue did she ask you about a football match and you thought she was not interested in sports?

Yeah, she still is not interested in sports, she is just interested in you.


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5.)At the speed of light!

Sound travels faster than light and both of them travel fairly slow compared to a girl responding back to her guy after a long day of waiting.


6.)Extends friendship.

She has nothing in common with your friend circle but is putting an effort to gel up with your pals. Well, the math behind is simple if your friends like her they are going to tell you nice things about her and cupid while navigating a way to you eventually. Women are born smart, you just are catching up late.



7.)Including you.

You did not know much about her but she still tries to make an effort for you to have a fair understanding of her lifestyle. All this is done for future endeavors, she was not just simply bored.


So now that we are done with our quiz do you have a name? Aha? Do you now?
Didn't we tell you there is somebody for everybody, you can bless us every day. We don't mind.


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