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7 Things Females Like To Buy/Spend And Regret Later.

Date: 2019-09-02 16:58:35

By Mansha

No matter, how much money we have in our hands, but they are never enough to fulfill our demands because as they say, "money spreads happiness" and for girls definitely yes as shopping is the only way of releasing stress and gaining positivity.

Things Females Like To Buy

There are some things, which are not at all related to basic needs, but girls find them amusing to spend their money on it. For a minute, they curse for spending on such things, but you will find them again spending money on the same things because of AADAT SE MAJBOOR...

Things on which girls spend half-heartedly, but won't stop...

Nail extension:

With those fancy styles on top and paying for its maintenance every month in thousands because following the fashion is a new trend. Every girl would feel bad for a few minutes about getting those nails done without any major reason, but then, they will forget about it until the next maintenance session.


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Weird cravings:

Because food is everyone's first love, but girls are also particular about their weight and carbs. So, they will grab it on their way back home, gulp it in one go, feel bad about eating unnecessarily, but she can't control herself once the cravings take place.


Collection of bras:

Because they are never enough and girls want them in every style, color, and shape, which would go with their different outfits but they are major investments. Every girl would buy them because of attraction, feel bad about buying them when they don't need it, but we can never say no to those fascinating collections of bras.


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Cute stationery:

Girls fall in love with cute stationery easily because it comes from the within. Even though they would have dozen notebooks and pens at home, but they will still buy it out of curiosity and would fill them in their collection. Yes, we feel bad, but let it be...


Visiting online shops for knowledge, but:

Ending up buying things, which attracted them easily. Those high heels or short dresses are any girl's weakness and they can't control themselves because who can say a no to shopping?


Never-ending makeup:

No matter, how many drawers are filled up with cosmetics, but stepping into a cosmetic shop means stepping out with something or the other because makeup is every girl's best friend.




Girls are obsessed with eating healthy and living healthy. In this situation, they spend an endless amount of money on diet plans, gym, yoga and more. It does pinch, but health comes first.


Next time, don't blame your girlfriend or wife for spending money because she doesn't have control over herself. Instead, go with her, shop let her shop and have fun let her have fun.


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