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7 Tips On How To Quit Smoking.

Date: 2019-04-17 13:56:52

By Ritika

"Arey, ek se kya hoga", "Pakka, this is my last cigarette!", "I'll quit as soon as India loses this match" - If you have been on the other end speaking these dialogues, you know that you wanted to quit but that cute little cigarette kept bringing you back to itself.

Quitting smoking can be a hard task and even though you want to do it with all your soul, sometimes it can just prove to be difficult even with all those disgusting graphics on the cigarette packets. Today, we are here trying to give some little tips on how to quit smoking, so prepare your heart and lungs!

1. Find a LEGITIMATE reason.


You don't actually do anything in life till it comes from within. Try finding a reason that is powerful enough to motivate you to quit it, maybe it's your family intaking passive, maybe it's the risk of you getting lung cancer or anything else that affects you.

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2. Find some resort/support.


You can't just toss out the cigarettes one day. Talk to a doctor and seek some medical help, counseling or anything that can help you because even if you're strong in the head, the nicotine in your body will make you crave and we need to find a solution to that.

3. Get external support.


Ask those around you like your friends or family to help you by keeping you away from cigarettes, giving you support when you're craving one. You can even look for a support group to get help.

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4. Get a new hobby.


When you're trying to quit something you love so much, you need something else to fill its place. Now, this doesn't mean that you get new addictions, but maybe something like exercising, painting, going out, listening to music- anything that can keep you occupied and distract your mind.

5. Avoid other triggering substances.


When you're trying to quit, it is important that you keep yourself away from alcohol and other substances that can trigger your craving for smoking. If you smoke while you have tea, switch to some other drink for a few weeks. This is simply to keep your mind away from the idea of smoking.


6. Keep yourself green and clean.


Clean up everything that can make you smoke again. All those ashtrays, Cigarette boxes, give all of them up. Trying fruits and vegetables can also give you a fresh and clean atmosphere for a while and is a good habit in the long run.

7. Know that time will bring the rewards- and give some to yourself too!.


People keep trying to quit smoking and keep failing. But that's okay. Keep trying and trying. Eventually, you'll get there. Every day of not smoking is an achievement and as you keep getting there, keep rewarding yourself with something you like (not cigarettes, lol!)

So ab sutta naa hi mila yaar! We're here with you and you can do this.


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