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7 Ways That Will Help You Stop Snoring And A Goodnight Sleep For Others

Date: 2019-01-10 18:15:00

By Ritika

To all those who snore, you're not alone. Snoring is not something we do voluntarily but it just happens and there might be a lot of reasons to it. It happens because of air flowing through your throat while you sleep. The tissues which are relaxed in your throat while you sleep vibrate, resulting in harsh sounds that are also known as snores.

However, snoring is disturbing not only to those around us but to us as well. It shouldn't be ignored as it might be the sign of something more dangerous like obesity, sleep deprivation and blocked airways. Here are some ways to help you stop snoring:

1. Change the position that you're sleeping in


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Lying on your back is often known to cause snoring than sleeping on the side. There is a reason for this- the tongue and soft palate collapse to induce vibrations when you sleep on your back.

2. Avoid alcohol around bed time


Alcohol should be avoided for at least three to four hours before bedtime because it relaxes the muscles of your throat, causing you to snore.

3. Lose weight


Thin people snore too, but if you have recently gained weight and you didn't snore before this - try losing weight. If weight is gained around the neck, the internal diameter of the throat gets squeezed, making you snore.

4. Use nasal strips


There are stick-on nasal strips available in the market that can be put on the bridge of the nose to help increase the space, in turn making the breathing more effective and reducing snores. External nasal dilators are also of the same kind that can help you reduce snoring.

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5. Raise up the height of your head


Raising the height of your head on your bed by putting an extra pillow or slanting the bed a little can help reduce snoring by keeping the breathing open and airways more clear. An increase of as less as four inches can help.

6. Check if you need to change your pillows or mattress


Sometimes, snoring is caused because of allergies that are caused due to allergens present in your bedroom and pillow. Dust mites accumulate and can cause allergic reactions and even pets sleeping on the bed can cause it. Change your pillow to notice the same.


7. Stay hydrated and change your sleep cycle


If you have an unhealthy sleep routine, change it to a healthier one. Not getting enough sleep and sleeping at any hour of the day can contribute to snoring. It can be as unhealthy as drinking before sleeping. Being dehydrated can make the secretions in your nose stickier, thereby making you snore. Make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated all time to prevent this.

These simple changes in your lifestyle can help prevent snoring and make a huge difference in your life and those around you, overall!


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