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9 Best Friends Which Are Helping You During Lockdown/Quarantine.

Date: 2020-03-30 14:04:56

By Manveen

Coronavirus has given us content to shame our grandchildren for their foreseen tantrums. While there is no comparison with the ones affected by it physically, people are suffering mentally as well. You need friends, but you cannot chill with them. Being an introvert is coming in very handy for every introvert now. Friends help pass time, the family makes the same difficulty and guess where we are stuck.

Regardless, here are 8 best friends you have during coronavirus which are helping you escape the lockdown:

1.) Bed.

Leave friendship, go ahead and declare it a marriage at this point. The amount of time everybody is dedicating to their bed right now, they have not even given half of it to anything else. You can have ten sofas in your house, but who cares? Bed for the win!

best friends

2.) Netflix.

Netflix, is that you? Hello, there bestest buddy!
Who would have survived it if digital creators did not work tirelessly to create content for us? Artists seem like a respectable breed of people now, don't they?

Sharing another Netflix gossip, Netflix India recently launched a show called "SHE", the lead actress Aditi Pohankar seems to be an entitled, self-centered, artist-exploiting person. Diet Sabya ran a story on her as well. Go check it out, the number of designers and stylists shamming her is worth all your money.

best friends


3.) Balcony.

Let us admit it, before the lockdown we never cared about our balconies. It existed, we put plants in there, but never really cared about it, but guess what is coming in handy these days? How else would we have witnessed the 5 PM clapping session? Dear balcony, thank you.

best friends

4.) Television.

Netflix is your current girlfriend and television was your ex. But in times of crisis, both are looking after you well. Aren't they? Even watching Naagin on television qualifies for entertainment now.

best friends

5.) Stationery.

All the long lost creativity is making way back now. Childhood memories of crayons and adult fascination of paints, all coming in handy. Quarantine is much easier for creative individuals.

best friends

6.) Old Books.

The smell is still enchanting, is it not? Old books quite literally are long lost friends. It is never a bad time, whenever you bump into them. Soft memories, sweeter joys. Simple being, good life.

best friends

7.) Pets.

The dog is a man's best friend. Cats are babes too. What else do you all have? Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs? All your lovers.


8.) Family.

While the family does make life impossible after a point, they do ensure a life, to begin with. Read that again, check your blessing. Try being thankful to your family. They will always stick to you in your worse.

best friends

9. Handrub/Sanitizer.

Right now the life without handrub/sanitizer looks damn near impossible. You still can imagine yourself without bf/gf but not this. Say thank you to Lupe Hernandez (no, she isn't your next door aunt) for inventing Sanitizer.

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