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8 Cutest Promises That I Wanted To Make To My Future Daughter

Date: 2018-09-28 16:28:24

By Abhishek

Just a little wait and someday we will be meeting. Undoubtedly, that day will be going to be the second best day of my life when I will be teaming up with you forever until my last breath.

And you might be confused about WHEN WAS THE FIRST BEST DAY, right??

The first was when I met your mom; she does deserve a lot of respect and love from both of us. Ok, now coming back to our father-daughter chemistry my kid, I have some things which I wanted to share with you, so let's get to the things straight.

When you will be reading this, I hope you will feel how excited, your crazy dad was!

1. I know a lot of fight goes between the brother and sister for the TV remote, but let me tell you, you will not face any trouble because, ahem... I hope you understood (top secret, sshhh).


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2. I promise, if you have selected your life partner of your choice, I will definitely fulfill your wish because nothing is more important than my daughter's happiness.


3. If you have loved any dress while shopping, but your mom (and my Dharam Patni) didn't, so chill because your choice = my choice and score is 2-1. We won, the dress is coming home!!


4. I promise, even if I don't know cooking, I will try to make your favorite dessert because anything for you my lovely kid.

God!! Please make that tasty.


5. I promise I will never scold you (in some cases maybe), but on one condition, you will never hide anything from me, whether it is about your school, college, personal, or professional life.

Because you remember, we are a team!


6. I promise I will take care of my health. If you say no to ice cream then it is 'No' to ice cream, if you say 'Yes' to green tea (yuck) then yes to green tea.


7. Like father, like daughter; I promise your brother will give you the best gifts on every occasion otherwise he will see my anger first.

Sorry, son!!


8. Last promise which I really wanted to do is; I will never ever give you the reason to hate me and even if I did, you have full right to correct me whenever I am wrong.



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