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8 Everyday Things Which Are Burning Your Pocket, And We Beg You To Stop.

Date: 2019-06-29 18:26:45

By Manveen

The moment you begin to tell somebody anything about how they can be more efficient with their money expenditure, the first question that comes up is "Are you paying for me?", to which we would like to tell you that instead of taking the personal attack quietly tell them that you are glad that you don't have to. See, we get it, it is your money and you should do as you please with it and truth being told it makes zero difference to us, but even if it makes a little difference to you or if you want to make a difference, her is how you can save money by rejecting these eight everyday things which are burning your pockets:

1.) Chai-sutta

If you think smoking was not going to be there, you were only kidding yourself. Cigarette goes hand in hand with tea at your local Dhaba so if you decide to make tea at home, then the need to go to that Dhaba will not exist whence you will not be forced into your old dying habits.


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2.) Rickshaw

See first thing we want to clear is that a lot of people's livelihood depends on this and that they need to earn too but you also want to save money, right? So prefer walking if you can and if you need transportation then take manual rickshaws. It might sound insensitive to make somebody cycle a rickshaw along with your weight, but consider this thing if you won't go to them, then they won't be able to earn money either. Battery rickshaws have taken the manual rickshaw's source of income and to run an auto that can equip three on petrol for one in this climate change agenda is pure murder.


3.) Uber/ Ola

When they introduced these companies and their services to us the prices were so cheap that we ended up making a habit out of it and now that they have established themselves the prices are taking a toll on your budget so similarly take manual rickshaws, it is much cheaper, use pooling if you need a car and other such measures.


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4.) Water bottles

If you decide to invest in one bottle every day and refill it daily and carry it with you and then buy one more every time you go out, you will reduce your bill as well as the plastic consumption.


5.) Petrol

Switch to CNG, it is cost and environment-friendly both. Try carpooling whenever possible.



6.) Amazon prime

If you have subscribed to it, then ends it, one Netflix subscription is good enough for you. Prime's content is outdated and boring, so ditch whatever you can and only keep what you need.


7.) Plastic cups

The same as bottle and not just cups, but plastic cutlery in general because first, you are trying to save the environment, second you will also save money if you buy steel utensils.


8.) Alcohol in clubs

If you want to save money and not give up your old dying habits, then it would be better if you do it at home, don't pay a thousand bucks for one lit, get one bottle instead and see the bill reduction.


Hoping to see the change, soon!


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