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8 Interesting Facts About Dussehra Which You Probably Didn't Know

Date: 2018-10-19 13:57:07

By Mansha

Praising the triumph of good over malevolence, Dussehra, the ten-day-long festivals, occur over the length and expansiveness of the nation. Following Navaratri, Dussehra (Dasara in a few spots) sees different models of Ravana being scorched to honor the event and Ramlilas that sensationalize parts of the Ramayana, is staged.

Some facts about Dussehra, which are unknown to many people...

The celebration symbolizes the triumph of Ram, the Ayodhya lord, and rebirth of Hindu god Vishnu, over the evil presence ruler Ravana, to protect his snatched wife, Sita. It likewise denotes the day that the Hindu goddess Durga vanquished Asura lord, Mahishasura, following nine days of the brutal fight.

It is trusted that Ravana had ten heads, every one of which must be demolished to overcome him. These ten heads speak to ten indecencies of the spirit, which are desire, outrage, sense of self, pride, childishness, envy, bad form, material connection, greed and absence of humankind.


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In spite of the fact that Ravana is viewed as a definitive absolute opposite of 'good' by a greater part of Indians, there are parts of India where he is adored and revered. Take Mandsaur and Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh for instance. Here Ravana isn't just regarded yet, in addition, loved - there are sanctuaries devoted to him. Ravana is venerated in Mandsaur as it is trusted that his better half Mandodari hailed from here. Along these lines, that makes him the son-in-law of Mandsaur. Individuals of Mandsaur additionally regard Ravana for being insightful and proficient and for his dedication to Lord Shiva.


Dussehra originates from the Sanskrit word Dash Hara, which means 'the thrashing of the Sun' in English. As per Hindu sacred writings, if Lord Rama had not vanquished Ravana, the Sun would have never risen again.

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In Northern India, it is a custom to sow Barley seeds in earthen pots on the primary day of Navratri. Upon the arrival of Dussehra, these sprouts are utilized as images of good fortune. Men put them in their tops or behind their ears.


Another intriguing and obscure reality about Dussehra is that it denotes the difference in the season, as the sweltering summer arrives at an end, clearing a path for the cool and wonderful winter season. It likewise denotes the season of collecting the yields of Kharif and the fresh start to plant rabi crop after Diwali.

There is also a belief about Dussehra is that Emperor Ashoka changed over to Buddhism on this day. Around the same time, Dr. Ambedkar additionally changed over himself to the Buddhist religion.



One fact regularly passed up a great opportunity about Dussehra is that it additionally praises the homecoming of Pandavas from their 13-year exile. At the point when the Pandavas lost their kingdom to Kauravas, they were banished for a long time. They needed to spend the thirteenth year in exile and would need to begin their outcast all once again on the off chance that they were found. So before the initiation of the last year, the siblings shrouded their weapons inside an opening in Shami tree. After the last year was finished, it was on the sacred day of Vijaydashmi that they recovered their weapons and adored the two weapons and the Shami tree. From that day onwards, the Shami tree is considered an image of goodwill.

While these fascinating pieces extend your understanding of this awesome celebration, the takeaway continues as before - The great wins over the shrewdness!


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