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Still In Hangover From Last Night's Party? Here Are Some Remedies To Cure Your Hangver

Date: 2019-03-05 11:04:48

By Ritika

Hangovers are the only bad thing about partying all night. You spend so much of time, energy and vibe to finally get the high that you deserved after so much of work and then you end up getting a hangover in the morning. Here are some home remedies to get through a hangover and not have your head torn apart in the morning:

1. Drink water.


Yes, water cures it all. Just keep drinking lots and lots of water, because drinking alcohol dehydrates you and you'll need something to bring the hydration levels back up. Don't overdo it, it can end up making you feel worse, but just drink a glass of water every hour.

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2. Have ginger.


All over the world, people use ginger to reduce nausea and vomiting. Either chew 2-3 blocks of ginger, really small ones or make ginger tea and consume that by mixing some slices of ginger with honey and lemon.

3. Eat something.


Eating helps a lot while you're having a hangover. You can start off by eating non-spicy things like bread or breadsticks and then move on to fruits which are slightly more filling. If that is still working out, proceed to eat actual food.

4. Take a fresh shower.


Nothing can help you feel better after a hangover than a shower. Feeling fresh, revived and taking all the alcohol off you can instantly make you feel good. Reviving all your senses and waking up are what come with a shower.

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5. Honey.


Honey has properties to digest and complete the metabolism of alcohol. It neutralizes all the aftereffects of alcohol and just having a few spoons of honey after short intervals can help soothe you. Drinking honey and lemon tea are another alternatives to the same.

6. Having Tomatoes.


The dehydration caused by tomatoes is counteracted by tomatoes that make it compensated and treat the effects of the fructose present in them. Tomato juice or soup can help treat a hangover really fast.


7. Banana and honey milkshake.


Bananas are a good source of B6, a vitamin that is also purported to help with hangovers. Improving the digestion, filling up the body with nutrients, increasing metabolism and curing the hangover are some effects of a banana and honey milkshake.

8. Peppermint leaves.


Peppermint helps in processing and treats nausea as well as detoxifying the body. Bite a couple of crisp peppermint leaves for the duration of the day, which will loosen up the digestion tracts, or heat up a teaspoon of dried peppermint with some water for 15 minutes; strain and drink a container or two of this tea before anything else.

Hangovers aren't always terrible, they can be treated with some minor things available at home so don't die with that headache the next time you've had a crazy night!


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