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8 Reasons Why Couples Hate Valentines Day.

Date: 2021-01-16 13:44:00

By TabloidXO

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valentines day

Carry Bradshaw made the V Day looked pretty important but now that we are grown-ups, why are we not into it? Because at the end of the day, it is just one day of pretense and nothing more. If anybody believes that couples care enough about it then that is because you have not dated anybody yourself till now.

Here are 8 Reasons Why Even Couples Hate Valentine's Day:

1. Over the top affection.

Everything just starts popping up in red colour. If you think about it then red is also the colour of anger and murder, what exactly is Archies promoting? We do not trust their intentions anymore.

2. What even for? Who was St. Valentine's?

How many of us actually know the story and are only taking part in the whole charade because of peer pressure? We celebrate Diwali because of Ram ji, but St. Valentines who?

3. Unwanted stress.

It is difficult fitting into the whole social media campaignings and charade. You do not care enough but have to forceful yourself to believe in something so dumb.

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4. Unwanted expenditure.

Do you think flowers are cheap?
Do you think heart-shaped tiffany boxes are cheap?
Do you think good wine and dine comes for free?

5. It just does not click.

When something is not of your interest, you just simply cannot force yourself too. We do this to ourselves a lot where we pretend like "yeah, this sounds easy, let's do it" but once you actually take part in it you realize that no matter what the thing, if something does not vibe with you then you cannot force it.

6. Pretense.

It feels too pretentious for anybody really to enjoy. Coffee dates sound realistic, but what is with extra hearts and flowers?

7. Expectations.

Blame Bollywood and Karan Johar most importantly for filling our heads with all such high notions of everything that now nothing truly measures up.

8. Pretty lame.

Valentine's Day looked super adorable when Shahrukh Khan was dancing on "Gori Gori" but does that happen in real life? Nope, there, that is the reason why we are mainly sad. We grew up with an idea in school that it kind of is cool but that was when dating was still forbidden and we were young so to smuggle a rose under a teacher's nose and giving it to your girlfriend felt cool but who is stopping us now? Nobody. Whence we are not interested in it anymore!


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