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8 Reasons Why A Girl Should Travel Alone Once In Her Lifetime.

Date: 2019-08-03 12:26:35

By Manveen

Have you ever wondered why there are so many female voices listing what to do and what to not do on the internet? Why is it that there is more content for women than men on the internet? Why women are talking so much about traveling and exploring?

girl traveling alone

Because they are not expected to. They are not expected to be wild or adventurous and should be a damsel mostly in distress waiting for a prince charming to rescue her. Disney convinced us that princesses were stuck in castles with wishes of seeing the world, to which only the princes could cater to. One day a prince will come along and take them on an adventure. In an Indian scenario, this adventure often involves only domestic chores and no hope. May this does not happen to anybody but before anything else changes in your life, you should discover yourself. You should get to know you and with a crowd, you will lose yourself and alone, you might meet new people and with those new people, you will also find yourself.

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Here are these 8 reasons why girls should travel alone/solo once in their lifetime:

1. You will learn and grow.

Travelling allows one a chance to learn and grow. Have you watched Kangana Ranaut's Queen? That movie is a perfect example of it. From walking alone to dining alone in a foreign land, that movie taught her well. A solo trip will teach you well too.


2. You will become responsible.

You are no longer responsible to anybody but yourself. If you are in a place where the only person you know is you, you will look after yourself and not feel responsible to anybody.


3. Gain experience.

When you live in a nutshell, you get accustomed to it no matter how small or confining it is but when you go out and see the bigger world, experience a bigger picture it is then you learn to adapt to different circumstances.


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4. The new you.

If you are on a solo venture, you will end up doing things you never thought you could do or your peers might have prohibited you to so when you are alone who is going to stop you? Go ahead and meet the new you.


5. New friends.

A solo traveler also makes new friends. Remember Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and how her life was totally changed after a solo trip? That is what you need to.


6. You are your own parent.

When you are the only one present to look after yourself, you become your own parent. You learn how to put yourself on a budget, what is good for you and what is not and you can never truly be an adult if you fail to understand this.



7. Confidence.

If you have been feeling sad lately, then a vacation with yourself is what you need. Not only will it enhance your confidence, but make you happy as well.


8. Independent and fearless.

If you depend on others, even for the tiniest of things, then a solo trip will teach you independence and not just in one direction but emotionally too. If you are scared you will teach yourself to come out of it, if you are sad you will learn to comfort yourself.


Packed your bags? For where?



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