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8 Reasons Why Is It Tough To Live In Your 20s

Date: 2018-08-28 11:40:09

By Mansha

Like most of the people, I can't wait to pass my 20s and settle completely in life, without any worries, tensions, sadness, hesitation, confusion and totally lost. When you are in your early 20s, things seem to be hard and sometimes not worth it. Not worth to do this much hard work because it is not giving you the result, which you expected, or which you are expecting. This phase is known to be as the most difficult phase because of its complexity.

Let's read, why is it really tough to be in your 20s:

You feel lost:

During most of the times, you feel lost. You can't figure out what really you want from life or what life wants from you. Things seem to be tough and sometimes so tough that you just wish to directly jump in the phase where you will be all settled and happy.


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Level of indecisive:

You are always confused about things; you find alternatives to each option and try to figure out the outcomes too, which leads you to the high level of indecisive.


You are never satisfied:

You always feel the urge to cry and sadness curled around you like a blanket. Most of the people feel as if they are in some kind of depression but it's only the feeling of not able to find things, which should be according to you.


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You often feel lonely:

Because of the tough decisions to be made, you feel all alone on the road of making decisions. You wish of someone who could be there and guide you in all the steps. Also, you learn to be self-reliant and confident in yourself.


Expectations are too high:

Your expectations are as high as your dreams and it takes years to understand that life is not a fairytale and in reality, you have to work your ass off to get even the 10% of your expected result.



The comparison comes into the picture, which makes it even tougher:

You tend to compare yourself with others who are as young as you. You try to cover up their success and it takes years to understand that people have its own speed.


You over-think about everything:

You over-think about everything that you think the whole world is against you.



Sometimes you force love to enter into your lives:

No matter how hard you try to deny but in search of true love, you lose your self-respect in that relationship. It takes a hell of a time to understand that love depends on destiny. No one can force love, it will happen according to its own wish.


20s phase is not easy; it's complicated and hard. Life takes time to settle down. You wish to jump in directly to the phase where everything is settled; your work is doing great and has a family of your own. But also it's a time where you learn best of your skills and patience. It teaches you the real meaning of hard work and success.

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