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8 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Fashion Designer.

Date: 2019-05-04 17:48:24

By Manveen


One can have many perceptions about the fashion industry and the lifestyle. Such as the two sides of every coin, it has two sides, pros and cons, but if you date one then there just are pros and no cons.

Here are eight reasons why you should marry a fashion designer:

1. No fashion faux-pas ever.

The first and foremost plus point of marrying a fashion designer is that your fashion and style both the games would always be on point. It could be the quirkiest of trend or the simplest one, you will learn to slay with it anyway.


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2. The "It" life.

The fashion industry is a huge struggle, but the life is as creative as it can be. From top notch fashion houses to conversations with craziest art directors to selfies with the models, a life many just dream of. A life you can be a part of.


3. Everybody will love her.

Every lady in your family will love her and will love you a little more for bringing the fashion designer in the family. Personal shoppers and fashion consultants are very expensive to hire and you solved many of your family members problems with just one simple word "Marriage".


4. Stamina.

If you think the fashion industry is all cake then you should stop watching what you already have been and start researching. The fashion industry is much more hard working than many give them credits for, making ends meet is a Herculean task every day. Everybody in the fashion industry is capable of so much that others do not acknowledge them much for.


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5. The personality.

People in the fashion business can be the most intimidating ones and the most interesting ones. Years of studying art, design and fashion give them so much more to talk about than your average Netflix shows and mundane gossips. It is a life of curiosity and adventure.


6. Good host.

Again, being in the fashion industry and being a part of the glamour world, the exposure to arranging grand events is massive that makes them a very good host.


7. Good aesthetics everywhere.

With all the design and art in head the life that they build around is equally pleasing to admire at. Be it the interior of the house or their Instagram feed, everything follows a certain aesthetic.



8. The good, bad and best of brand.

Last but not the least is the immense knowledge of fashion and brands that will follow to help you decide what to buy and from where.


Bling Bling, you are going to be the next Fashionista in your gang!


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