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8 Signs On How To Know If A Girl Is Using You.

Date: 2019-06-02 12:41:25

By Manveen

Love is blind, but that does not mean you need to be blind too. Often when we are in love with somebody we tend to overlook their flaws or actions that if somebody else would do, we would be skeptical about. We come to terms with whatever we are given by the person we are in love with but humans are selfish and you might put your love interest above you but can you say the same about your better half? Do you think they put you first? Are you sure they are not emotionally manipulating you to make their ends meet? Are you sure she is not using you because she knows you are blinded beyond reason?

Do you often ask yourself "does she love me or is she using me?"

Here are 8 signs that the girl you are in love with is using you for her own narrow good:

1.) Treats you like shit.

It is not one day or one incidence but quite a routine set up by her when she treats you, like it would make no difference to her if you walk out of her life.


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2.) Your friends are giving you red alerts already.

You might be blinded by love, but your friends are not and they have warned you against her behavior multiple times. Put together all the warnings and signs and maybe then you will have your answer.


3.) No sign of commitment.

She texts you at odd hours, reverts back when she feels like knowing well enough that you wait for her reply the entire day, she talks to you like you are her boyfriend but you are not really her boyfriend now, are you? Did she say so herself? Has she restrained herself from other guys?


4.) Financial dependency.

Borrowing is cool, but borrowing is when the funds are returned if they are not returned then that is not borrowing. If she makes you pay for her all the time, use your Netflix, eats your food, lives in your house and gives not even a dime for it, then guy, runnn!


5.) Yells at you and asks for a favour five minutes later.

She screams at you and every time you utter a syllable out of your mouth, it ends up with a yell from her side and she has no regard for you or your feelings because if half and hour later she needs something then she will demand it out of you without any remorse.


6.) Her friends do not know you.

If she cared enough about you she would have introduced you to her friends and family, but since you do not mean much to her then you have not seen even one of her friends. Why are you not thinking about the fact that her friends & family is unaware of you when everybody you know knows about her?


7.) Ghosting.

She often leaves your text on read and texts back when she feels like and she does not care the fact that this would displease you, but for her, you make no difference.


8.) She never initiates anything.

She never texts first, neither plan a meeting, nor she asks you to hang out with her, and even if you try to plan everything she is already ready with her excuses. You are living according to her desires, not yours.

If it's not a toxic relationship, then what is?


Hope you can tell now if the girl you love actually loves you or is just simply using you.
You are smart enough now, scratch your brain and accept the truth and stay away from such toxic girls.

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