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8 Signs You Are A Girl Who Don't Take Anybody's Shit.

Date: 2020-12-09 16:38:49

By Manveen

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girl who don't take shit

First of all, why should you? It is not about a man or woman, or a boy-girl issue. Why as a person should you let others treat you badly? Till the time somebody is paying your bills or watching out for you, they really have no authority over you. Everybody is going through something or the other, literally everybody. There is a reason why people travel so much to escape their reality, spend hours on social media just to avoid their own thoughts, everybody is suffering and everybody is trying to heal and if you cannot learn to be civil then that is your problem. It is a conscious effort everybody is putting.

Here are 8 signs you are a girl who cannot take anybody's shit:

1. You are upfront.

If you have an opinion about something or somebody you will say it. You don't feel the pressure to be fake or adjust according to other people's opinions about you. Not once but if needs be a hundred times, you will get up and say what you feel.

2. Other people's validation means nothing to you.

Why should it anyway? Half the world's population has issues with god also so it is beyond any human to ever please a fellow human. Birds of the same feather flock together and if your wings are an issue to somebody else then they can find themselves another flock. Period.

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3. Lions don't concern themselves with the opinion of sheep.

Do you think a lion sits in the afternoon under a tree and thinks what a herd of sheep thinks about him? No, and do you? No! Only the weak need to worry, the stronger ones win anyway.

4. You are not afraid to cut people lose.

Not everybody understands you or your prowess. When somebody yearns for everybody's approval they will fail to understand why you cannot care enough about other people's opinions of you. You cannot live with people of this category; they don't know what respecting yourself first is.

5. You will fight for what is right.

It does not matter who is against whom, you will take a stand against anybody whom you notice doing wrong. It could be your friend as a culprit but you will talk sense into them as well. They might not understand and hate you for that also but you are willing to take that as well for the sake of general good.

6. You will say what hurts you.

If somebody ever hurt you, you will simply walk to them and tell them politely about it and tell them not to do it again but if they don't understand it that way. Then you won't hesitate to punch them in the face either.


7. You will also apologize for your mistakes as well.

Similarly when you do anything wrong to anybody you will walk up to them with the same courage and apologize to them as well. If you want others to check their behaviour, you only demand it out of them because you check yours no matter what.

8. You will not harm and let others be harmed either.

It is as simple as this that you think it is your duty to make the world a better place. If others don't agree, it is there call but you will not be a spineless coward and you do what needs to be done.


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