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8 Signs You Are About To Get Dumped.

Date: 2019-06-10 16:42:52

By Manveen

Nobody ever wants to believe that something like this can ever happen to them. Everybody has heard the phrase "trouble in paradise" yet when the self-built paradise of love and care starts to dwindle all of us want to believe that no trouble can ever touch our paradise. Shutting your eyes when the lion is going to attack is not going to stop the lion in any way, but only convince you that nothing is going to happen because you refuse to see what is going to happen.

Here are eight signs that your lion is approaching for its next kill; you are about to get dumped:

1. Fewer conversations.

From talking every possible minute to just reverting back with a yes or a no, you guys have come far. Far away from each other that there are no mutual topics to discuss, nothing to share and nothing to give.


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2. Not a phone call away anymore.

Once upon a time if anything would bug you, you knew whom to reach out to. You knew whom to call and who would come running to your ailment, but now even if you are in a major stuck up situation or handling a disaster all by yourself you would hesitate before calling your partner. You no longer count on them because you know they would not help you out. They do not care anymore.


3. Unresolved fights.

You tried overcoming fights and the only possible way to end them was to not solve them. Not even talk about it. At that point, that might have seemed like the best thing to do, but later only poisoned the situation more for you.


4. More fights.

The fact that your unresolved fights have poisoned the situation more for you only led to more fights. With so much mistrust, hate, anger, and emotions neither of you know what to do whence distancing permanently seems like the best option.


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5. No excitement from the other party for your accomplishments.

Once upon a time if you would have achieved anything you would have shared it with them, but you do not do that anymore because you know that your growth or loss means nothing to them. You mean nothing to them.


6. Demands for what you cannot yield.

It can be an expensive gift or undivided attention, forsaking one's career and future possibilities. If your partner is forcing you to exercise a choice that is not possible for you to do, so they will simply look for more excuses to fight and to end the relationship.


7. You are much happier without the other party.

You don't want to believe it downright and maybe it is not happiness, but a remotely sound feeling that you get but you know you are better off without your partner because of the way they treat you.



8. Instinct.

In the heart of your heart you do acknowledge that the two of you are doomed and you are only delaying the inevitable.


If you are going through tough time in your relationship, kind of a roller-coaster ride! You have to make things on the correct path and if it still not goes well after your efforts, move on!


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