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8 Struggles In College Life Students Face From Their Teachers.

Date: 2020-03-01 13:30:30

By TabloidXO

From thinking that completing school would bring freedom, confidence and fun in our lives! We all students grew up to be in College with its perks cum some rants and pangs of professors! I so feel pity for those who thought their life will be much more fun-going after school, but the dreams hit the rock bottom when 'Jab you met the most khadoos teachers.'

Let's dig deep into the realm of our extraordinary (PRO)fessors because of which our life sucks BIG time.

1. Let's have Morning Lectures!

Yes, you hear me right, dear! Morning lectures feel way too overwhelming when the previous night you had a Netflix marathon. But is there any other option? Our teachers could be a way of alarming when it comes to a surprise test, lectures, attendance.

college life and struggles

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2. College Assignments.

One thing that makes college life way too stressful is heaps of assignments and their frustrating deadlines.

3. You won't get Attendance.

I mean, who discovered it and why is it being followed? If we do not do our readings and homework we are not given attendance. This is so damn unfair for the students.

college life and struggles

4. Internal marks.

Believe it or not, they are always there to scare us after 2 months of studying. They can sometimes be stressful and painful too.

5. Favoritism.

Yes, Favouristism could be one thing that can make or break your college life. I mean sometimes becoming a Teacher's favorite is not in our cards, but that does not mean others deserve all the luck?

college life and struggles

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6. Notes notes notes.

The professors could give you zillions of notes to write. Sometimes there's much stress on writing than teaching.

7. Let me tell you a story!

We all know how much drill and pain we go through during the boring lectures when the teachers tell their personal stories and that's the time we miss our holidays in school and the precious time we had spent there.

college life and struggles

8. Rants about our future!

Teachers are so good at giving us taunts and rants about our future. With absolutely no fun and positive touch to their dialogues they wish to sometimes show hoe cruel and bad are we as students.


9. Not completing the syllabus.

The least we could expect is that when our exams are arriving, we have to miss out on our some portion of syllabus, just because the professor didn't complete it, and to our surprise, it makes it arrival in the question paper.

college life and struggles

No matter how out the blue our professors could be, they have a lot to teach us and give to us. While they keep us ranting and giving taunts about our future, let's wish that the new year brings some cheer and fun to our (PRO)fessors.


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