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8 Things A Man Do If He Really Loves You.

Date: 2019-07-01 16:25:24

By Mansha

They say love is heedless of flaws. When you are in love with a girl, you don't seem to care about her glitches. A man is loyal to her woman till she has his heart; till he loves and pampers her in different ways every day because love has many types and best type is to love her in a new way every single day.

Girls tend to worry too much about their looks and their body, but it is not that much of a deal to guys as girls think. In fact, if he really loves you then he won't mind seeing you being different every day; he will love your each and every flaw and would accept it as his own.

Things, which men don't care about you if he is really into you...

If you are waxed or not:

Girls do go through a process of waxing, threading and facial before meeting him, but girls, he won't care about your hairy hands or eyebrows if he is really in love with you, in fact, he would love to see you as a real you.


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Your clothes:

Before a date, the girls at least try ten outfits before settling on one. They think hundreds of time before wearing a dress which would be liked by him, but girls mark my words, when you do land up in front of him, he gets too busy with staring your beautiful face that he doesn't care about what you are wearing because he would like to see you in anything and you are the most beautiful lady he has ever seen.


About being physical:

If he has really fallen for you then he won't push you for being physical. He would respect your decision of being distant till you are ready for it and if he is compelling you for being physical with him then he doesn't deserve you.


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Your figure:

A man really doesn't think about you being too fat or too slim. He loves you for being you and for your pure soul. At the times of intimacy too, he doesn't care much about your curves as girls think they do, no they don't. They love all your curves as they are.


If you are waxed down there:

They get too busy doing what they love to do that they don't care about if you are waxed down there or not. So girls for next time, don't take too much of strain on your heads for this matter.



If your hair is washed:

Before meeting him, girls get too conscious about their hair. If they are properly blow-dried or if they properly washed, girls, your man doesn't care about your hair because they are too busy in holding your hands that their vision declines to go up there.


If you are wearing heels:

Girls wear heels just to match up his height thinking that he would get uncomfortable if she would be looking tiny in front of him, but he loves it when you seem to be short in front of him because that's when he can hold you like a man.


If he would like you being messy:

Guys are messy all the time, so he won't mind you being in messy clothes or messy hair. Your lazy or pajama look would never affect him if he is really into you. In fact, he would love to be lazy with you.


Men are not that visual creature as girls think they are, if he really loves you then he would love and accept you in the way you are.

Happy loving!!


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