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8 Things That A Women Does Which Turn Men Off

Date: 2018-10-21 14:57:33

By Abhishek

We have always read that, mostly its guys who turn women off, but it's not the case every day. Sometimes women too play a role of a guy where they really annoy a man's mood.
Girl if you love someone and you are confused on how to make him fall for you and if you are trying hard to impress him but you are clueless about what you are doing wrong, so in that case, please for god sake stop doing the things which are listed below.

Rather, make a happy couple:

1. Stop being a fake personality

Try to maintain your own identity. Stop fooling him or don't play mind games. He would love to accept you because he would love to dive into you (real you) but not the fake mask which you are portraying to impress him.


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2. Keep your ego aside:

If you think, showing your attitude to him make him run after you, you are pretty wrong. I guess no one on this earth love to be with someone who show harsh attitude.
Everybody deserves respect and love, so why not spread it..."Paise bhi nahi lagate isme to".


3. Trying to make him jealous:

Like really? Common!
How can anyone even think to make someone jealous and that too whom they love! Please don't even say that "I read it on the internet or my friend told me that it's the best practice to make him fall for you more."
Grow up!
He would preferably cherish if you could share your feelings with him directly.


4. Wearing too much makeup

You know what girls, guys love girls the way they are, they do not focus on the outer qualities, and instead, they wish for a person who supports them, a girl who is beautiful from her soul. So stop putting a hell lot of makeup just to make him fall for you because that does not gonna happen.

(Note: If you do it to make yourself confident or for any other personal reason then it's purely your choice, go on!)


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5. Not giving him enough attention

Men are considered strong physically as well as mentally but that does not mean they do not deserve a girl's attention, he also wants to be heard, and cared. Sometimes showing care and asking him first about his day, and asking about his family won't harm your self-respect. Trust me; he is waiting to see your way of caring and love.


6. Show Off!

Oh, you know what baby... My dad got this handbag for me!
Guy: OK, that's pretty good. That really looks good on you.
Girl: It's Gucci! And it's very expensive!
If you had ever done this, roger that, because it's really annoying even if you do this with everyone.
You don't have to show your "CLASS" in public, just be simple and grounded.


7. Having no ambition

Guys don't want to be with a girl who lacks the purpose or is directionless, or what she wants to do in her life. They want her girl to be ambitious, and also who is hardworking to get her dreams to come true.
If you do not know what to do with your life, it would look like you are confused, unstable and not interested in anything.



8. Don't be a negative komolika

Sometimes we get to life's ups and downs and which is ok because we are humans, not robots. But showing your overdramatic negative side to him will not prove you positive but negative. And who wants to be with someone who talks such shit which makes his thoughts work in that similar direction.
So rather than investing a lot on your makeup and clothes, my advice would be to start investing in your optimistic attitude and see how sexy you look.

Girls, take care of these above points and believe me because I believe you that you can do it!


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