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8 Things Every Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend

Date: 2019-04-20 13:05:46

By Priyanshi

From demanding girlfriends to dominating ones, we have seen all the types, but the one common thing that connects all girlfriends is what every girl wants from their boyfriends in a relationship. Whether it's buying food for us or spending some quality time, it's not too much to ask, is it?

Here are 8 things every girl wants from her boyfriend:

1. Sense of loyalty.

We love it when guys are loyal to us. It's like an extra cherry on the top of a cake which comes to you as a surprise.


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2. To prioritize us over FIFA.

You need to be ahead of your time to let your boyfriend have quality time with FIFA and not you. I can't stand it. I need him to choose me over that game. FIFA is all things amazing, but you gotta take the hard decision sometimes.


3. To surprise us from time to time with breakfast on bed.

Every girl likes to wake up and have breakfast in bed made by their boyfriends. Not that the girls shouldn't do it, it's a two-sided thing. But the girls want such personal surprises from time to time, it's nice to have it.


4. Having them defend us.

In a situation which demands them to back us up, we would want them to not just support us but also defend us. It's cute, no?


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5. For them to own a cool hoodie so that we can steal.

Guys, you NEED to have a dope basketball jacket or a comfy hoodie for us to fit ourselves in and subtly steal it. #itsminenow


6. To smell good.

Girls appreciate the fragrance. We would at least want our guys to smell good and not look unkempt all the time. Though the messy look is trending, the scent is a no. 1 demand.



7. To put the toilet seat back down.

Every girlfriend will relate to this - just put the toilet seat back down for Christ's sake. It's so annoying.


8. To watch our favorite show with us, however a number of times we want.

You don't have an option. We want you to watch that movie or TV show with us even if it's the 10th time we're watching it.


It's too much to ask sometimes, so girls, don't be too hard on them, but I believe maintaining just the correct balance will have both of you in a happy state of mind.


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