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8 Things Girls Do When They Love You.

Date: 2021-02-26 14:22:37

By Ratika

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Dating is one thing and being head over heels for somebody is a completely different story, one can try to hide but the question is for how long?

Inevitably the love shows itself. Girl who is in love produces norepinephrine and phenyl ethylamine which causes them a sense of greatness and excitement in them which results in different actions which are not common in general life. They keep fantasizing their life with them; they wish to talk to them 24*7 and many other things like such.

So here are 8 things girls do when they fall in love.

1. Talk.

If people think girls talk a lot, yes, that they do and that too non-stop and if they think they talk about their boys a lot, yes, to that too, and if by chance, any of the ladies are struck by cupid, all her friends, colleagues, neighbour, watchman, milkman, etc. would know that her boy likes lasagna without spinach loves the smell of freshly cut grass and what not because he is a full human with so much to be scared about.

things girls do when they love you

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2. Pinterest.

Ladies might not admit it downright but the wedding is one event that rings a lot of times in her head and there is a serious possibility that she has clipped boards on Pinterest online fantasizing about what her wedding with that guy would be, tulips over roses, wine over champagne, beige or pink, all of it.

3. Horoscope.

Not a lot of people, in general, admit to reading horoscope and the chances of a girl in love admitting that are next to none but it is good to know that the stars are aligned properly and are working in their favour or if there is a colour that can create negativity, so should it be avoided, no?

things girls do when they love you

4. Names and Flames.

Secretly think about how his surname would sound with her name, Feminism and women empowerment are there and all that but the tone of mushy cuteness to the sound of her name with his surname is undeniable.


5. Pet Name.

It is very common that when you adore somebody you want to call them cute names, there is a reason why when people talk to babies or dogs their tone completely changes and becomes warm and for the same reason, the same drug of love rolling in their heads, girls give their boys cute pet names.

things girls do when they love you

6. Secret music and Netflix.

In the age of memes and darkness, most people have stopped retorting to mush old school romantic songs and series and only a person in love will reach out to them, to feel what it feels to be in love every minute of the day.

7. "We".

They go as a team, when she starts referring to them as "we" that indicates the deal is real now and she is pretty serious about him. She plans for the "we", she handles everything for the "we" and she also talks to her friends with a "we".

things girls do when they love you

8. Act Silly.

When a fully grown-up woman decides to act like a two-year-old that means she has reached that point of comfort in her life with her boy that she is unafraid to admit her insecurities and childishness.


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