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8 Things Every Girl During 'Sale' Will Relate To.

Date: 2019-08-28 18:21:31

By Manveen

If you think Google is smarter than anything ever created or has an answer for everything it does not. At least they are not sufficient. If you go on Google and find synonyms for happiness, it shows a lot of words, but the sale is not one of them and this is exactly where Google lost its being-smartest-case. What else makes us happier than discounts?

How else can you explain the joy if not by the fact that you get a discount on something you wanted and save money and later utilize the saved money to buy you another thing that makes you happy? An infinite loop of happiness.

Here are 8 things every girl will relate to when she hears the word "Sale":

1.) Calendar.

It could be spring-summer or autumn-winter, your calendar already has been free of schedules the day the sale is about to begin. Nothing like shopping from the fresh stock of day one of sale.


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2.) Budget.

Every time you go shopping, you set a budget in mind, but before any sale is about to release you start cutting down on other expenditures and save money for the D-day.


3.) Space.

Going and shopping when there is a sale is not just one activity to do. It is an entire process where you first discard clothes you previously owned and make way for the new ones.


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4.) Not adequate funds.

The guilt of wasting money on things you did not need and now being broke knowing that all your friends are shopping with mega bags and your princess ass could not maintain a sale piggy bank.


5.) Long queues.

If you have not stood in long lines just to enter the store before a sale or wasted several hours in the line outside the trial room, you have never tried your patience. The joke that goes around suggesting that people who can operate with low wifi connectivity is the most patient ones have never met girls waiting in lines outside the trial room.


6.) Commitment.

If you think patience is the only thing required for shopping during sale time, you clearly underestimate the whole gig. It is a commitment from spotting the garments first to stake your claim over it, it is a challenging process not meant for everybody.



7.) Joy.

But nothing ever measures up to the joy of buying 4000 bucks of jacket at 2000 bucks!


8.) Wait.

As happy as one sale makes us it makes us sad when it departs us and thus begins the wait for another season, the wait for another sale.

Sale, when are you coming next? We girls are waiting!


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