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8 Things Girls Tell Their Best Friends About Their Boyfriends

Date: 2019-08-11 12:28:01

By Manveen

Do you know which girls never talk about her boyfriend with her friends? The one who is single. Literally, there never existed a girl who did not share something about her boyfriend with her best friend and we cannot even blame them if something good happens to us we want to share the joy. If something saddens us then we want to feel better about it and boyfriends are like both the sides of a coin just happy and sad and to balance this coin we need a comforting shoulder, it does not get any simpler than that.

Here are 8 things girls tell their best friends about their boyfriends:

1. The nitty-gritty of all your fights.

Everything you said, everything you could have said and everything you wanted to say in a fight is typed and saved in her best friend's phone because she needs some superior counsel.


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2. All the annoying things you do.

From spitting on the road to not helping much around the house, her best friend probably has a full memo of your character and traits so don't worry about what she thinks about you before meeting her because she has already formed solid opinions about you.


3. Sweet gestures.

There is hardly any gift that you would have sent her, which was not snapped to her best friend which did not follow a trail of "awwww".


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4. Her opinion on your clothes.

There are some things she can never share with you honestly, and it's her opinion on your fashion choice. Your fashion choice is one of them, but since most women go through this condition they have learned to retort to each other for this discussion.


5. You versus her ex.

She will never admit it to you, but in her mind, she has drawn multiple comparisons of you versus her ex and her girl gang are also informed about the pros and cons.


6. When you hurt her.

If her best friend suddenly becomes mean to you for no reason and the two of you also happened to have a fight or you did something to hurt her, the answer is right in front of you. You just don't simply get away with hurting your girl friend and expecting her best friend to not react.



7. Her fear of losing you.

Most girls never open about this to their boyfriends because they fear you guys might find her clingy, but a person can be scared to lose another and her best friends are the only open place for discussion on this one.


8. Your hygiene.

Let's be very frank and admit it that guys are not half as clean as girls are and one of the biggest reasons your girlfriend might not want to move in with you is your questionable hygiene. It is not selfish lover's behavior, but a neat freak's.


Dear guys, you learned a lot today and for girls, Don't you think we should share it with them aswell?.


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