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8 Things Men Suck At Doing.

Date: 2019-04-12 12:24:16

By Manveen

Not to stereotype anybody but there are certain things that come easy to men and certain things that come easily to women and the other party has to put in a lot of efforts to learn a certain skill, exceptions are everywhere of course. So, in that case, there are certain things that men have to learn and do not have inborn, here are those eight things:

1.) Dressing according to the weather.

Before you quote popular designers of high brands, let us just clear out that we are speaking about normal boys with a normal life, not talented designers or styled by stylists actors, normal guy who goes about his routine wears a jacket when he feels like it zero fucks are given to the sunny day, normal guy who wears a shirt buttoned up to a college lecture because zero fucks given to casual dressing and zero fucks given in general to dressing according to the season.


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2.) Manspreading.

If you have traveled in a metro or shared a bench with a boy they just randomly spread, just like that. This is how they sit, their legs spread all across because who knows somebody might be not getting enough space or feels uncomfortable.


3.) Laundry.

Name a guy who actually reads the instructions on clothes and washes them accordingly, it does not matter if the woolen needs to be rinsed in lukewarm water, he will just dump it in the machine and let the machine do its trick. Magic can happen anytime!


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4.) Keep their calm.

You can blame women for PMSing all you like, but the chances of women tearing each other's heads apart are less likely than men. Men are much more violent and retort to violent acts to solve a problem if you doubt us just take a look at all the leaders of every country who dragged each other to world war.


5.) Communication in a healthy way.

Maybe the reason they are so violent is that they hold back their emotions and when it comes out, it becomes a messy situation. They cannot just simply sit and talk stuff out.


6.) Empathy and Sympathy.

Again, another example of their bad communication is that they think, a drive and a couple of beers can solve anything and maybe it works well with their guy pals, but fails miserably with their gas who need more emotions and comfort than that.



7.) Leading without being a pig.

Often when they are put in charge they start acting in a very douche way, often being rude or just simply yelling orders because their self-entitled ass told them so.


8.) Punctuality.

Blame women for dressing all they like, but guys just legit leave late every time for no reason at all. Just sitting there making up their minds, playing PUBG because who cares if somebody is waiting for them, games are more important that can also be played later.


Guys, you got some great points today, hoping, you will be better, soon!


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