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#NoMakeup, 8 Things That Make You Look Damn Attractive.

Date: 2021-02-20 13:48:59

By Ratika

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Attractiveness is subjective, while some find tan hot the entire Indian continent on the other hand rages for milky white skin. You cannot just simply say the block is hot because rainbows are beautiful too but that is the case of beauty, you can attract people to yourself in other ways as well. Before you think attraction has everything to do with seduction, know this first hand that if you carry yourself like a drab you will also be treated like that only. You cannot have a Maruti 800 attitude and want a Mercedes Benz. Attractiveness is necessary for your personality, for career, in interviews and is not just restricted to only women, men need to learn how to present themselves too.

Here are 8 things that can make you look damn attractive:

1. First & foremost: Eye contact.

Most people are shaken from their core praying every minute when they are giving a presentation. Almost as if the ground would break and swallow them in it. Probably the reason why giving a presentation feels scary is because you force yourself to be confident rather than, be it. Look people in the eye and you will realize they cannot look back either and you would not be so uncomfortable then.

2. Use that organ called the brain!

If you think attractiveness is gym and fancy labels then you probably have been hanging out with cougars, if your conversation involves just your daily routine. You my friend are losing it.


3. Wit is in.

Not many people can be funny without being mean, for example, Kapil Sharma and we all saw how he is failing now. How about more of Ellen's kind of humour? Subtle and sharp and everybody loves you. Love is attractive.

4. Be more open-minded.

If you want to shame somebody for dressing up or loving their body or shaming in general you will find yourself in a very tight spot. The world my friend is changing and we cannot live with values that make us hate ourselves and others around us.


5. Customized clothing.

It is quite sad that most people feel awkward in their clothing. Your clothing is your second skin and should feel home but if it does not then you need to find other alternatives. If denim jeans make you conscious then switch to pants, if ready-to-wear garments are not your comfort zone then get a tailor and fabric and spend time on Pinterest.

6. Find out your style.

Clothing is one thing and styling is another and fashion is the art above all. Update your style game or hire a stylist. Get a professional to guide you.


7. Dynamic personality.

If you are always lazy and tired and walk by dragging your feet your existence stops looking like life and more of some weight on earth waiting to get rid of something.

8. Sleep well.

Contrary to coming to terms with sleeping late, maintain a good schedule and sleep on time and eat a balanced life. A healthy lifestyle is attractive.


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