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8 Things To Know Before Marriage.

Date: 2019-08-02 13:20:57

By Mansha

Getting married is not like dating a person because it is all different from it. You have to live with a person for more than fifty years and maybe more than that, so, it is important to be double sure before you say yes to that person.

Looks are not everything and it has never been. There are many other things, which should be considered for a happy married life as looks would get dull in a few years, but what will be with you is "everything else".


Here are 8 Things To Know Before Marriage:

The way he or she talks:

Being polite is a sign that he or she would respect you as a person, they would be easy on you for everything and your happiness would be everything to them, but if you see any sign of being rude to anyone around them then be alert and consider this point.


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Age gap:

There should be a significant age gap between couples because it balances the difficult situations and a mature person would always protect and take sides of the immature partner. In this way, the companionship would remain strong but also, too much of the age gap can be harmful as it can bring the controlling nature of the older partner.


Past relationships:

The past relationships would tell the stability in their life because of more the relationships, the lack of stability. So, do ask about their past relationship to make sure, they would bring stability in your instead of weak bonding.


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Do look if they have a dominating nature:

Some people like to control people around them and that brings suffocation in the relationships, so, talk with them and question them about everything to figure out if they want things to go only according to them or they believe in co-working.


Their state of confusion:

If they would be confused about everything like, what exactly they want from their life to minor things like, what they want to eat, then it would be difficult for you to adjust with them, and soon you will start feeling annoyed and stuck in the relationship.



His or her future goals:

Do ask about the next five years plan to see if their priorities are matching yours or if they are sensible enough because marriage is a big commitment and future of it controls your entire life. Ensure that they have stable and sensible plans that would include you and your family.


His or her definition of love and marriage:

Every person has a different definition of love and marriage and different expectations from the same. So, ask about their definition and expectations, as it will let you know if you both are on the same pages.


Their relationship with his or her parents:

If a person is not respectful and loving towards his or her parents then they can never be loving and respectful towards you because if they can't fulfill their duty as a child to their parents then how can you expect them to be a better spouse. So, do notice their behavior with parents.


Marriage is not only about love. Though it is the most special part, but it is not enough because marriage is beyond lust and more of the package of various things. Before saying yes, do consider these things for your betterment and bright future.


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