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8 Things You Must Do In 2023.

Date: 2022-11-09 15:05:49

By Manveen

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It is that time of the year where the "new year, new me" is about to start. There are people who are also forwarding "sorry for my mistakes" on WhatsApp and the other are posting "Bring it on!" on Instagram. Every year the same old story repeats. But as long as it can bring you some good then why not? Even if the false optimism is to stay for a month, then so be it. If some hypothetical can keep you motivated even for a month, then what is the harm in it? We should be allowed to do whatever makes us happy and helps us make our way through rough days.

what to do in 2023

1. Discipline yourself.

The key to a good life is a good routine. There is a reason why all scriptures insist people on waking up early and begin their day, there is a reason why eating the right food in the right proportions is recommended. If you wake up at a lazy hour, that is how you will spend the rest of the day. If you eat toxic food that is how your reflex will be.

2. Self-care and grooming.

If you wake up early, have your green tea and take a nice long shower and get a good time to ready, would you not be in a good mood? If you wake up late and stay the entire day in your pyjamas your mood would not be pleasant at all or work efficiently. On the contrary, if you dress up crisp and tidy, you will have a Germanic efficiency work mood.

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3. Hit the gym if you need to.

Okay, do not fall for the eat what you want and eat the people who lecture you too trap. Do you have any idea how much people are investing in fitness right now? The cult is expanding their branches extensively for a reason. The reason is that demand is very high. People are telling you to stay home and hitting the gym, becoming fit. See if you have diabetes then it does not make sense to be ignorant about your weight. The same goes for the ones suffering from PCOD. If your body needs a healthy approach, then you should give it.

what to do in 2023

4. Make a time table.

We understand that it is not easy to shuffle between so many things and gets tiring to keep track. The first key to discipline and a good lifestyle is a set timetable. Take time out for recreation, but set your priorities straight too.

5. Say you're sorry.

It does not matter who did what and how. If you think you are at fault, just say it. Why carry all the extra baggage? How does that matter anymore?
See New Year is the perfect opportunity because these things are happening at a rate of phenomena so the other party also will be more willing to forgive.


6. Give regards.

The same as your sorry's say, all your due thank you's too. What if the person you have to thank is not there or not with you or does not feel appreciated? If one thing is clear to us all it is this fact that all of us are going through something or the other. At the bottom line, we are struggling to be happy. So if your one "thank you" can help somebody in this context then why not?

7. Be there for your friends and family.

It gets busy with work, career, and ambition, but what will success worth if you do not have people around you to share it with? A party requires people and it should be people you love and the ones who love you back. Seize the opportunity and be with them while you have the chance!

what to do in 2023

8. Pick an agenda.

It is time that social responsibility should be divided between everybody. We no longer can just sit back and criticize the government, clearly, they are of no use. If you feel sorry for the animals then go help them, want to save the planet? Do something about it. Pick an agenda and contribute to a better world.


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