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9 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About The Wild Wild Country Of Rajneeshpuram.

Date: 2019-04-08 17:39:58

By TabloidXO Writers

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As an Indian, we have seen multiple Baba and Bhagwans and the Millennials diss all of them downright. Another thing we Indians believed was that abroad was a much liberal place, more educated so how would you react when you will get to know the details behind the real-life facts of the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, maybe you should find it out yourself:

1.) Rajneesh was highly educated.

Yes, not a fact we are very accustomed to when it comes to all the Baba's and Guru's but Rajneesh had moved to Oregon from India to fix himself a commune with both the degrees of BA and MA in the discipline of philosophy. He was a very effective speaker and had great power over people.


2.) His followers were educated.

Not just educated, but highly educated. Most of them held degrees in masters and some of them were doctors, lawyers, and engineers too. But apparently all the books and knowledge could not satiate their ever-curious minds and they retorted to some spiritual enlightenment.


3.) Rajneesh preached YOLO.

Rajneesh also was known as the Bhagwaan of Wild Wild Country preached a philosophy that is very contrasting to what most Indian Baba preach. He encouraged worldly pleasures such as sex, possession, and materialism. Whilst some report of group sex and all, but, others deny it. However, the Bhagwan would mostly roll out in his Rolls Royce.

He encouraged people to do whatever they felt would make them feel good without any judgement.


4.) Vegetarian food.

Despite abiding in America and also ignoring the fact that they approved of all the pleasures of the world that one could acquire the food that was consumed in the supposedly Netflix acclaimed Wild Wild Country was totally vegetarian. Salads were their staple.


5.) Bhagwan did not speak for more than three years.

Whilst some state that he was observing some severe penance others have later added that he was drugged heavily for three and a half years which is why he was not talkative.


6.) Anti children agenda.

He did preach open love and everything but would encourage his followers to get sterilized. Some of them whom under his influence did so, later added that they regretted doing so. Even if somebody already had children they were advised to break off all communication from them. He felt that the children would distract their parents from his religious agenda.


7.) No religion policy.

As ironic as it is, Rajneesh did not believe in religion at all and preached the same, but ended up with a cult in Oregon with a religion of his own.


8.) Followers engaged in daily labour work.

Life at the country was not all fun, but a lot of hard work. Followers would work in the field or in the maintenance department for more than eight to twelve hours sometimes and the fact that they would mostly eat salads only makes one question how they survived it.


9.) Huffington.

Founder of the very famous and sarcastic Huffington post, Ariana Huffington was once a member of the Wild Wild Country too. (Although she denies).


Truely, A wild, wild country!

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