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9 Myths People Have About Gujaratis. Gujju People, You Are Sweet Che!

Date: 2019-07-02 10:26:14

By Priyanshi

Unfortunately, people have a very wrong image and portrayal of Gujaratis out of Gujarat so let's settle this once and for all. Here are 9 myths people have about them which are absolutely false and they need to know better. I mean they are such sweet and cute people on Earth, understand their culture man!

1. All Gujaratis are vegetarians.

Hell no. More than 50% of people are non-vegetarian crowd, for your information, so the next time you're about to crack a 'but you don't eat chicken' joke, you better stop.


2. Dancing flows in our blood.

Not everybody can dance and Navratri is not our favorite festival. It is celebrated grandly, but it's just wrong of you to assume we would be superb dancers because we're from Gujarat.


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3. All of us are foodies.

All we see everywhere is Thepla, Dhokla, Fafda and 5 kg's of gaining weight every day! Not all Gujaratis are fond of eating so much, just accept it, they can be like you.


4. We speak all languages in a Gujju accent.

This is the most annoying one. How do you manage to come with such myths, Jesus! We can speak fluent English and Hindi and not mix a Gujarati tone in them, just like a normal person.


5. We are all too good at doing business.

Because the most famous businessmen are from Gujarat and it is the business hub, I understand where that assumption comes from but let me break it down for you - the fact that you think all of us are business-minded is wrong.


6. Gujaratis = Gold.

Two things people say when they get to know I'm from Gujarat: First, you must be crazy fond of food and second, oh, your dad must be so rich! No, all that gold doesn't glitter from Gujarat.


7. That we are blind supporters of Modi.

Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar is our national song and we shout it out to the world. All Gujaratis are Modi supporters and there is no doubt in that. Well, really?


8. Gujaratis are stingy.

This is a very common misconception that people outside have of Gujjus. The most giving people with big hearts are Gujaratis so mind well! "Dete hai tab chappar faad ke dete hai."


9. We have relatives spread all over the world.

Gujaratis are taking over USA, Canada, Australia and what not but it is not right to claim that every family must have a relative abroad.


If you're watching Tarak Mehta too much, you're bound to believe it blindly but well, that's not really the case. It's time TV shows stop stereotyping Gujaratis because they are the most fun-loving and big-hearted people out there.

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