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9 Shy Waale Secrets A Shy Guy Will Never Tell You!

Date: 2018-08-31 15:37:24

By TabloidXO Writers


Shy guy ki shyness ko dhoondna mushkil to hai par namumkin nahi!!

We have been living around with different guys with different traits and every individual is amazing in its own way. Some are more expressive, some are sar dard, and some are shy and right now we will talk about the shy personalities. While they are sweet, cute, fun loving, caring but with all these qualities there are some things which sometimes confuse a girl, for that;

Here are some points which will help you to know more about the inner thoughts of a shy guy

1. He will never tell you that he loves you, although he loves you to the moon and back, BUT HE IS KINDA UNCONFIDENT TO WOO YOU.


2. Shy guys are pretty strong and they can hide their emotions but from inside they are as emotional as a girl can be. They will love you like a Romeo once they get open with you.

But, until then...na na na.



3. You thought only girls get butterflies in the stomach? Every time he sees you or when you are around him, his stomach could feel the flutter of butterflies.


4. He will make your every dream come true, he will make you feel special and even will respect you in your decisions...he will go beyond his powers but the only thing he lacks in is, shy and reserved.


5. He will compliment you in the cutest way possible, he do share a bright smile with you... but he will not say those cheesy, or flirtatious lines.

Now you got the trace, it is his way of showing love, a NO flirt, but a lot of emotions.


6. He will help you out in your difficult times but when he is stuck in a mess, he will never even let you know about his damn tough problem

Because he never wanted to get you in any worry.


7. And also if unwittingly you said something which he didn't liked, he will not let you know...whilst, he will continue to be normal as nothing happened.


8. He takes every step one by one, slowly-slowly because he does not want to do any mishaps which hurts you.

He will think twice before saying anything.


9. Although he is an introvert, but for you, he will try to change himself. Those jokes which you encountered were ONLY for you, just to see that smile on your face.


So girls, if you like that guy too, make her feel cozy, comfortable and share your thoughts to which he could feel that close bond.
And guys, try to be more expressive because your dad/mom is not gonna come to help you.

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