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9 Signs You Are Lucky To Have A Baniya Girlfriend.

Date: 2019-01-24 19:23:57

By Abhishek

Roses are red, Violets are blue
Oh my Baniya Kudi, I love you.

Gupta, Garg, Bansal, Jindal, Goyal, Mittal or any other associate of Baniya Biraadari you are dating, my hand wants to pat on your back, because, YOU LUCKY GUY,

You are dating one kinda angel, yes; you can have a smile now. You must have had got the clues if you have been spending some good time together with your Baniya girlfriend, she is one in a million kinda kudi and if you are still living under the rock, then my friend,

Here are a few things which you will relate to if your girlfriend is a Baniya:

1. When your Baniya girlfriend is with you, there is no obstacle that can disturb you from any angle because the power of her love and her brain is enough to detour all the negativities of your life.


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2. Baniya girl will make your mother her friend, for her it's a simple task; I mean, which saasu maa does not want her bahu to be jolly, loving and most importantly, who shop a lot but spending less money?


3. As said, she will take care of your money, although she loves shopping, however, she will have great bargaining schemes which will make the shopkeeper come on her demands.

No, she is not kanjoos, she is a smart spender.


4. If there is any special occasion; it can be your birthday or your mom's birthday, she will make the best arrangements (condition: if your mom knows about her) to make the day special and on such occasions, she will not think twice to spend as much money.

For special occasions, she has bhoot saara paisa!


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5. Baniya girls always believe in "Family that stays together and eats together" and every family desire for these bahus.

To rishta pakka.


6. Need any business advice? Looking for someone who can guide you? You don't need to wander when she is with you. Did you forgot, you have chalta phirta business encyclopedia? And that too an updated version.

Trust me; even Baniya girls too have a superb business sense.


7. Talking about business sense and intelligence, they don't mind in doing business and you have had heard from her "chal yar koi business karte hai".

Kyoki you can take a Baniya out of business but not a business out of a Baniya.



8. She can't see you tensed, she will ask you about the reason, she will behave as nothing has happened and will divert your mind just to make you feel calm and positive.


9. Baniya girl will never poke you for eating too many sweets or for your weight gain because she overmuch loves sweets as you do and she knows, Baniya = Paisa = Mithai, hence, you can take a Baniya out of sweet but not sweet out of a Baniya.


Promptly you have some great points to cherish, Hoping that you both will have a great grand Baniya wedding, whenever you wish to get settled. Happy Relationship!


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