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9 Signs Which Shows He Is The One For You

Date: 2018-10-22 17:53:09

By Abhishek

Every girl loves to be loved by their prince charming. They dream of a guy who cares for them, makes her happy, makes her feel like his princess, gives guidance for her future, and also, being her 4 pillars in her difficult times.
But sometimes for a girl, it becomes confusing to find out the right guy and obviously we don't want a girl to go into a relationship with someone which is harmful to them.
So girls here are some signs which will help you to figure out whether he is your real prince charming or not:

1. When you share things with him, and if he is really into you, he would listen to all your talks seriously and when the time will come he will even remember those little things which you had mentioned years ago.



2. He can never see you sad, never ever. Being a guy, even I cannot see my girl sitting sadly at her home or anywhere around the corner.

He will try out every childish thing to make you feel comfy and happy.


3. He can take your anger, your mood swings, actually everything when you are down. He will take an extra care of you in those days, he might get you chocolates, and maybe he can give you a nice back massage.


4. He is not gonna play on back foot, rather he would be an opener on the field and he will go on an extra inch to make you feel how special you are for him.

(Just give that bechaara a hint that you too are interested in him...kya pata sharma raha ho ho thoda).


5. He behaves to you equally. He does not consider himself the boss, the only thing he knows is, you are his princess.


6. If you are hiding something from him or if you are tensed because of something, he would know it by looking at your face or your sad pitched voice.


7. Last but not least, maybe he pokes you when you eat junk food but when it comes to your birthday or making you feel special, he would be your partner in crime.

Just to make you feel happy!


8. Even if you have not asked for his help when you are in trouble but he will surely ask you for any help if you ever needed, whenever... wherever!

Ajkal kaun karta hai warna help!


9. Ok, one more; you feel secure and happy when you are around him.


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