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9 Janmashtami Sweets You Can Make For Krishna Ji.

Date: 2018-09-03 12:29:07

By TabloidXO Writers

India is the country, which is rich with festivals, traditions and most importantly food. Whether it's eid, Diwali, Christmas, or any other festival, the excitement is always high. It's Krishna Ji birthday and everyone is celebrating it with lots of happiness and love. In India, no festival is complete without sweets.

As every festival has some special sweet which is made on that day, so does Krishna Janmashtami. We know that Krishna Ji is popular for his sweet tooth, he loves to eat sweets, and maakhan. So this Janmashtami why not make it something special for him.

Here are 9 sweets which Krishna Ji would love to have it this Krishna Jayanthi:

1. Peda for laddu gopal.

It's a brownish color sweet, made with milk, mawa, saffron, sugar, ghee and dry fruits. They are soft; they are sweet and goes down under the stomach like a butter. Peda's are the most popular sweet associated with Krishna Janmashtami.

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2. Charnamrit/panchamrit.

Panchamrit as the name suggests, it is the mixture of 5 items which blends together to make holy/divine syrup. Those 5 items are; honey, yogurt, liquid jaggery, milk, and ghee. Then the feet of Lord Krishna's idol is put inside the syrup, and after that, it is distributed among devotees as a prasad.

3. Dhaniya Panjiri.

It is made from whole wheat flour, nuts, coriander powder, bhoora (powdered sugar) or mishri. It is a dry delicacy which is generally made, round in shape and can also be served to a pregnant woman, as the delicacy is healthy and nutritious. It is mainly popular in north India.

4. Kheer.

This dish is the love of every festival. You think of any Indian festival, Kheer will do its magic. It is made by cooking boiled rice with milk and sugar. And everyone has their own hidden recipe to make it more tempting, some put cardamom, raisins, and saffron in it, and some use cashews, pistachios, and almonds. Kheer can be blended with any add-ons and will come out to be fantastic.

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5. White Maakhan and Mishri.

It's Krishna Ji favorite dish. It's the dish which he loves it and he could eat it the whole day. Maakhan and mishri are made by blending these two items together to make maakhan lil sweeter.

6. Malpua.

It is one of India's oldest desert and one of the items which is made at every festival. These are made by frying the flour better mixed with milk and after frying work is complete it is dipped inside the sugary syrup or chaashni.


7. Rabri.

Rabri being the traditional Indian dessert. Indians love it when it goes down the stomach. Rabri is basically the thick, creamy residue which is left after the milk is evaporated. During winters people love to have.

8. Meethe rice.

This sweet is made with rice, sugar, and saffron. It is also filled with loads of nuts, and sometimes to give a good aroma to it, we use rose water and saffron. Trust me, you must try.

9. Halwa.

It's our homemade halwa which took our heart every time, because it is that delicacy which is made everywhere, even in our home. It's made from sooji which is cooked with ghee, nuts, and other add ons.


Happy Janmashtami Everyone!! Have an amazing treat.

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