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9 Things Every Girl Does On Instagram.

Date: 2019-05-01 19:30:48

By Priyanshi

In the world where all of us want to show our perfect real lives on social media, there are some things which make you think. One of them being things girls do on Instagram. Be it showing their manicure or beach bums or photos of their newly born baby, here are some common 9 things girls do and it's hilarious how every time we laugh at it:

1. "I swear, it's candid."

Every girl has once done this. Be honest, it wasn't really candid, was it? If cheesy captions are your go-to, totally judging you, bruh.


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2. Posting quotes and pretending they are philosophers.

Now that we have stories on ig, girls post mantras that they don't even follow just for the sake of it. I mean, good for you if people buy it.


3. "I woke up like this."

You didn't. Stop bullshitting everypne with 'I woke up like this" pictures. We can see your face with subtle makeup and messy hair and lazy pose.


4. The effortless yet cringe pose.

Show the world how flawlessly you can pose as if it was almost taken in the wave of the moment. Ha-ha, we know you're trying too hard.


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5. Tik Tok videos. Seriously? Pls, stop.

Thank god for the ban. I was so done watching all these young beautiful girls doing cringe shit and it was all over the Instagram. Jesus, save the youth!


6. Exercise routines.

You see female Bollywood and TV celebs doing fitness challenges and showing their gym routines for others to see and follow. Nowadays, so many people are in the flow of it.


7. Appreciation posts for other girls.

Girls appreciating girls is the best thing ever! "More power to you, woman" to "you go girl", we always believe in being their side. #GirlCode



8. PDA.

Girls never fail to express their love, at least not on Instagram. Pictures of you cuddled up with your beau with the presents he got after almost being broke with Netflix on your laptop screen and wine in hand. Your "perfect" relationship is too much to be real.


9. Trial room selfies.

All of us do it. Literally, all of us girls whenever we go shopping and try something, we click a photo, upload it and dump it. So what if we don't have that T-shirt? It was at least put up on Instagram so people know.


Girls, whether in teens or 20s or 50s, some things don't change. Instagram makes the crazy and it's funny to see how they evolve.


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