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9 Things Girls Hate About Drunk Men.

Date: 2019-03-31 12:29:52

By TabloidXO Writers

Alcohol is fun, who doesn't like a chat over a few drinks with friends, but some men go ahead and have a lot, contrary to the 'couple' of drinks they planned on having, it can go from fun and games to some really irritable actions and here is the list of those things men do after getting drunk that we despise.

Sometimes they tend to forget that little line called boundary.

Men tend to be a little oblivious to the ideas of boundaries once they get drunk, the dance a little too close, speak a little too close to the ear and might forget a line or two with the inappropriate statements. It's quite annoying and sometimes can seriously get to the head.


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What is up with the bad humor.

What happens to their jokes all of a sudden? They go berserk with their cheap jokes and all their 'bros' actually finding those terrible jokes funny. All the forced laughter is stressful for us ladies.


Men are bad dancers, especially after they get drunk.

See, I would not comment on men being good dancers or not, but we can all agree they have some bad moves to display when they're drunk, well, we have the lack of motor skill coordination to blame but sweet, a little better, it's embarrassing to drop bomb ass moves next to my boyfriend doing the chicken dance.


What is with them getting drunk and fighting?

Where does all the pumped up ego come from after they're drunk, men are ready to get into a brawl for someone standing too still, it seems like they need a reason to fight with anybody at all, the worst, part being them overestimating their strength and being ready to get it on with a man double their size.


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Can we avoid the topic of how great/bitchy your ex was?

We understand that you value your past relationships, but what is with the obsession with your ex as soon as you get drunk, and it's always in extremes, its either undying love or raging hate, there is no in between. The most stressful of all parts being they would not care even if their current girlfriend is right next to them, they got to bring that ex up.


Don't justify that bad behavior with alcohol.

This might be the most annoying of all habits, they would indulge in all kinds of bad behavior that they should take responsibility and apologize for but they rather blame it on the alcohol and somehow the alcohol is supposed to justify it without them ever apologizing.



Possibilities of excessive Public Display of Affection.

If your boyfriend is drunk be on your toes, they're prone to excite displays of affection which is to a point cute, but after a while, it just gets awkward for all the people around you and you can sense that but your boy is too drunk to notice any of that.


Where does all that anger come from?

Drunken men are a perfect example of how patriarchy affects our boys negatively too; all the anger that drunk men portray is a classic example of repressed emotions they're not allowed to show. Psychology kept aside all that anger is frustrating and to a point, scary and we hate that.


Do not insist on driving.

Why do men have to stress upon driving after knowing they're drunk, it's obviously stupid, but they have to constantly tell you about their expertise in driving and how they're completely in a state to drive while speaking gibberish.


Alcohol is fun, it lightens the mood and allows a good time with our friend, but we need to learn to drink responsibly, we need to understand our limit beyond which we are not able to control our actions and ends up in guilt and bad behavior which can taint relationships of any kind for a long time.


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