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9 Secrets Girlfriends Hide From Their Boyfriends.

Date: 2021-02-26 18:40:10

By Manveen


Girls might love their boyfriends with all their heart and might but there always will be something that they will rather share with their best friend than their boyfriend. There are varied reasons for this, trust issues, gossip companion, understanding nature, but whatever it may be, the iceberg will be as deep below the ground as it is above the water.

Here are 9 common secrets that pretty much most girls have kept hidden from their boyfriends:

1. Ladies' opinions.

You cannot blame her for this and probably should be very thankful to her about this as well because she will never tell you what her friends actually think of you, if she will, it might hurt you or ruin your relationship with her friends so as to appease both the parties, she maintains peace by being mum about it.

secrets girls hide from boyfriends

2. Jealousy rate 101.

No girl will ever be comfortable talking about her boyfriend's ex and to admit that she is jealous of her boyfriend's ex or jealous of the chemistry that they shared and this should be pretty understandable.

secrets girls hide from boyfriends

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3. Notes.

She might act as she is all cool and chill, but every time you were late or when you stood her up or when you were not at your best behaviour will always be dually noted. It might be noted that she will say that she holds no grudges, but mate that is just one of the many lies that she has been feeding you.

secrets girls hide from boyfriends

4. Comparison.

She at some point in her life would have compared you to her ex-boyfriend in her head and will not say so. This is okay because you are not going to take that easy anyway, so she is helping you only in this case.

secrets girls hide from boyfriends

5. Group discussion.

She discusses all the nitty-gritty of your relationship with her friends, colleagues, neighbors and all of them mutually pretend clueless in front of you. Talk about good team spirit!


6. Stalking.

Now come on!
This is very well established amongst everybody that everybody is guilty of doing so and chances are that she might have stalked you thoroughly before you guys started dating but nope, she will never admit to it.


7. Boredom.

Again this is done only in regard to your innocent feeling. We get it that you love football and NBA and whatnot, but we do not, okay? And we got bored when you start jibber-jabbering about it endlessly.


8. Score.

This one could have hurt you so bad that you would have never recovered from it. No girl will ever tell her boyfriend if one of his friends has hit on her.


9. Girls' night and the tales.

No girl will ever spill the beans that sprout on a girl's night out or in a slumber party.


Let us know in the comments below if you agree with all 9 secrets.

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