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9 Things Guys Should Never Do On A First Date

Date: 2018-11-18 15:18:21

By Abhishek

Respect Her, Care Her, Woo Her And She Is Yours.

Going on a date is a mixture of feelings (happy and nervous) and nervous because your focus will mostly be on, not doing any mistake which gets you in an awkward situation. So to help you out in such situation we got you 9 things guys should never do on his first date:

1. The first date is all about impression - so go and pick her up wherever she asks you to come.

(Take my advice, after picking her up, just drive slow; because you will get some extra time to spend with her.)



2. After picking her up, the second most important thing is; choose a wise place to spend some quality time together. Don't go to a loud place where you hardly can hear each other. The place should be soothing with a good surrounding.


3. Don't be that bukha (my colleague told me to write this word in order to make you guys understand well, so no offense!), just be a gentleman and pay the bill on your first date. No, it's not a rule of thumb, but this will make her feel special.


4. Unironed clothes, Really? Are you really going to impress her or you are going to spoil her mood? I mean seriously no girl will think of going on a date with someone who looks like he went for the WWE fight.


5. Don't start talking rubbish, and don't even think of talking about your ex-girlfriend's. She does rather be happy to talk about your pre-school subjects.


6. "Tell me something about your past relationships?" - You seriously think that this question will give a plus point to you? You are absolutely wrong then; don't ask any girl such stupid questions which will land you in her bad books.


7. Okay, yes we are millennial's, we do have mobile phones and various other social media accounts too, but PLEASE don't start playing check-in game or start putting status like "my first date meeting", "feeling loved".

For god sake!


8. OMG, don't start comparing her with your EX.


9. Last, Don't leave her at her house without getting her favorite dessert, it can be a cheesecake, seven scoop ice cream or a hot Nutella chocolate fudge.

To impress someone, impress her tummy first!



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