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9 Things Our Sisters Do That Make Us Say 'I Love You Behen'.

Date: 2019-09-03 10:40:42

By TabloidXO

I love you sister!

Having an elder sister is like a dream come true, a savior in disguise, while having a younger sister is like a miracle that happened only for you and to you. Sisters are amazing to have because she will be the one to scold you more than your mom if you score low, but save you when you're coming late at night.

Here are 9 things they do that make us just love your sister more and shout out to the world about her!

1. When they take care of you while you're sick.

Sisters, however much you fight with them, will be there with a handful of medicines and gharelu upaays to cure your sickness and will take care of you the whole night, stroking your hair and putting you to sleep.


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2. When they cook a meal just for you.

When it's no special occasion and they still take the efforts to cook a whole mal for you, you just feel like showering all the love in the world to them.


3. When they convince mom, dad to allow you for that trip.

While sometimes she becomes an evil, sometimes she is an angel who makes the impossible possible. Remember that trip your parents allowed you to go? Your sister probably convinced them for it so thank her.


4. When they call you from a thousand miles away just to tell you what crazy batshit happened.

It feels special when they call you from far away to tell you about their love interest or something crazy that happened to her and the fact that you love her even more after knowing that she chose to let you know about it, involve you in her life is special.


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5. When she couriers the best gift on your birthday.

She knows what your likes and dislikes are and has the perfect ideas to gift you on your birthday. And when that parcel delivers, you can't help but call her and tell her how much you love her.


6. Sometimes, she takes the scolding from parents on behalf of you.

This is a rare moment, but when it happens, you just feel more together with her and develop a trust for her which is unbreakable. She did that for you, she can do anything for you.


7. When she teaches you to break rules.

The best advices are from sisters, trust me. You will want to shout out on the top of your voice when she tells you that the system isn't broken, but built that way so everybody will make rules but be the rule-breakers!



8. When she gives away a pair of clothing from her wardrobe to you that you love the most.

She is generous enough to do that. Not all siblings do that. Remember.


9. she sneaks you out in the middle of the night.

You enjoy her company and she is fond of you so you both get down to doing crazy stuff together. You will always love her because she sneaked you out of your own house first.


Sit with her and share your childhood memories, talk about her life and your life, I'm sure she might have done a million other things for you to love her more with each passing day. This is for all the cool and amazing sisters out there, you rock our worlds!


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