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9 Things You Should Know If You're Planning To Get A Tattoo

Date: 2019-03-05 14:09:04

By TabloidXO Writers

Did you know in early times, the people who got inked were the rebels. Today, it's turned into a rising trend. It's become an art where people put out their creativity to tell a story or to just do it if they feel like. Are you planning to get a tattoo? These are a few things you need to keep in mind before you get inked.

1. Know that it's permanent.

Well, don't get in the hype of your friends and trend and make a blunder of a tattoo that you aren't really sure of. Be aware of your conscience and take your time to be sure of your design. While most amazing tattoos turn out to be in spontaneity, please don't get drunk and get yours under lip inked like Kendall Jenner!


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2. Pain.

Know that if you're planning to get inked a larger and a more detailed tattoo, there are chances of heavy pain but if it's a tiny tattoo then there are fewer chances considering you are stronger! I mean, deal with it.


3. Don't rush in terms of design.

There is always excitement when you get an idea and plan to permanently get inked on your body but don't rush and compromise on your design due to the excitement. Take your time well and make it the best. You don't want to regret it as soon as the tattoo artist starts inserting the ink into your skin layer.


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4. Know the cause and effect of a tattoo.

You ought to be aware of the precautions and care that a tattoo needs before and after it's made. Sun exposure and water damage can ruin a tattoo. After you've made it, you should know after what time period to get yourself injected and how you can donate blood thereafter!


5. Start small.

If you are someone who is indecisive and unsure of your first tattoo, always start small and understand the meaning well of that design and how it connects with your life. There are thousands of tiny designs on the internet which can help you choose or customize your own tattoo. Know your pain tolerance.


6. Be sure of your artist.

Don't act blind and follow the crowd. Research about the artist you want to get inked by and don't compromise on prices. Cheap ones will always end up in bad tattoos that you will name as 'mistake' while introducing to people when asked. It's after all your body you're trusting them with.



7. Ask a few friends.

Before you finalize your artist and design, ask a few of your mates preferable who already have gotten inked before so that they can give you advice on it. Take them. It's always for the better good. Friends always save us from acting out of fools.


8. You might have to shave.

If you decide a place with hair growth, you have to get shaved before getting inked because tattoo can't be done with grown pores. So know your body part prior to going to the artist.


9. When done, be happy about it.

You had all the time in the world to think and ask people about it, now that you're inked, be happy and flaunt it. Carry it like you're rocking it. I'm sure you'll feel a lot of bolder and sassy.


You're the one who has to live with it so don't get in the lieu of the artist because in the end, the artist is growing it's business and will pester you. Do it only if you want it yourself.


Main Photo: Pixabay

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