9 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Studying In NIFT (National Institute Of Fashion Technology)

Date: 2019-01-29 15:32:55

By Manveen

India's best fashion and lifestyle college National Institute of Technology looks like a big dream and world of all that is fancy from the outside but the real deal is different, this is how:

1.) You will spend your entire college life explaining to people what you do. Most people only know Fashion Designing and are clueless about the other six courses this college offers such as Fashion Communication, Accessory Design, Knitwear Design, Textile Design and Fashion Technology.


2.) When you say "fashion college" people assume that your life will be very glamorous but the truth is very opposite to that. With classes beginning from 9 in the morning and ending at 5 in the evening and sometimes even at 8 in the night and endless submissions for the next day you look a homeless drug dealer who is sleep deprived leaving you no time to dress up.


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3.) When you read memes on the internet talking about studying one night before the exam and passing you cannot relate to it because of the continuous evaluation programme at NIFT. You spend every day of your college life working.


4.) When others carry books to college you carry fabric, threads, yarns, GIY wires, aluminium sheets, DSLR's. Your bags are over sized and there always are two to three additional carry bags in your hand making you look like so important and somebody with determined goals.


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5.) Your assignments demand the life out of you but are so much more fun than regular college assignments, from executing fashion shows to styling for movie knock offs all this is what keeps you going. When other people copy notes from the internet you sit and design your own garment collection.


6.) Your subjects are cool too, with hardly any theory classes and monotonous power point lectures the curriculum at NIFT asks for a practical approach and working in labs. From designing magazines to clothes and from doing photography shoots to making lifestyle products, it is all a part of your normal day.


7.) Everybody else on your social media is curious to know what exactly it is that you do and what and who is all that work for. When they see you posting a collection they want to know which label it is for but that is just you doing your everyday college work.



8.) Life outside NIFT feels very different, the kind of mindset and openness that you receive from here and the understanding of design and art movements make your criticise every cafe and its decor, you criticise the layout of every menu and your normal conversations do not include some average topics but Wabi Sabi, Bauhaus and what not.


9.) Fashion is your passion, even if you do not get to dress up as much as you would like but your Instagram accounts follow more designers and labels than normal people. When Gucci posts something you do not just see and like it, you feel it, observe the smallest detail and then conclude your decision of whether to like or not.


Pretty much I said about NIFT, hope to see the comment section filled with NIFTians comments!

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