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9 Times You Wish You Could Change Your Brother Into A Sister.

Date: 2021-03-08 12:48:36

By TabloidXO

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There is no doubt that all of us love our siblings dearly despite all the tom & jerry fights or the love-hate relationship we shared but come on if you have grown up with a brother there would be times when you wished you had a sister instead of a brother. That irritating brother made you cry because of his foolishness which resulted in a world war and it was that moment you felt like having a sister would have been much better.

So, here are those crazy moments when you wish to swap your brother into a sister.

1. Brothers are disgusting.

Brothers are quite questionable creatures with disgust as their spine and not to forget their sense of humour which practically revolves around weird bodily functions such as sweat, spit, and excretion, and if one has to go through a lifetime of pun on poop, well life cannot be called a paradise then or can it?


2. Social saviour.

Pretty sure you would have gone to an event or a party where you barely knew anybody and wished you had a sister to accompany you or at least do not make you look like you are alone and awkward in a social situation of 100 plus people.

3. Motherly figure.

Mothers are a blessing and people with an elder sister are more blessed than most others because they do not have just one person looking after them but two. Not those brothers do not look after you but the way a sister would have understood you a brother could never have.


4. Good advice.

Yes beer is cool and so is whiskey but life cannot be solved with alcoholic solutions every time. You can ask your brothers for advice and before you do so you already know the answer which is going to be one name or the other of an alcoholic beverage. There are times when you wish that maybe somebody would know what to do, maybe somebody could answer all that is still a curiosity to you.

5. Boy drama.

A couple of years back there was a very popular quotation that went around the internet saying “sisters always support relationships because they know what love is and brothers not so much because they know what boys are” and we do not think we can put this any better. Go to your sister with a boy drama and you will know what to do next but go to your brother with a boy drama you will also have to think about what to do with a dead boy plus the problem you already had.


6. Talk and more talk.

Some days when it is all cloudy and gloomy and your friends are not there for you and you need a companion to confide into, well brothers are the worst candidate for that. The world is black and white for them and sisters have a full spectrum of drama that is beyond their comprehension.

7. Clothes of course.

Having a sister is a blessing in many forms, especially an elder one because her fashion sense will always be much more evolved than yours and she will know what is latest every time you are at a loss. It is like having your own personal shopper.


8. Makeup too.

The same goes for makeup, even before you can learn or YouTube can sponsor makeup tutorials, your elder sister will do the job for you, and guess what she already has makeup and you need not invest in any for yourself. Especially for the ones who wear makeup once in a while and have to spend thousands of money on something that will be useful to you once in a blue moon.

9. Periods.

Most importantly puberty is weird and periods suck and if you have anything else to say, go watch Big Mouth on Netflix and if there is a sister to guide you through all this, well life would be much much better.


Sisters, what do you say?


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