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A Man Gave A Tip Of 2 Lakhs On A Beer Of INR 500. The Reason Will Shock You.

Date: 2020-11-27 19:17:23

By TabloidXO

Due to Coronavirus every industry has been badly affected across the world. Businesses are getting shut, or else are finding it difficult to survive. Meanwhile, around the world people came forward to help others and in a recent heartwarming incident, a man from America tipped a restaurant INR 2 lakh for a mug of beer which costs INR 500.

tip to restaurant
Source: Curlytales

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Brendan Ring, the owner of Nighttown, a restaurant in Cleveland in the USA shared this noble story on Facebook. He described the incident where his customer left a generous $3,000 (INR 2,21,804) tip for a single beer costing just $7( INR 517). The owner even shared that the man told him to share the tip with his employees, who worked on the brunch service on November 22.

tip to restaurant
Source: Curlytales

In an interview with Cleveland.com, the restaurant owner shares, "I looked down at the check, but I didn't have my glasses on. I said, 'Holy oh my, he just left a $300 tip.' Then I put my glasses on and it hit my eyes. What the - it was $3,000. I ran out the door after him... He said, 'No, I meant it. Make sure, enjoy, Merry Christmas, we'll see you when you reopen.'"

This restaurant was opened in 1965, and is closed due to the growing Corona Cases in Ohio.
People like him makes the place so beautlful to live.


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