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After Marriage, This Is How Your Life Will Change. Araam Se Padhna, Darna Nahi.

Date: 2020-02-28 20:49:50

By Abhishek

Pronounce 'Marriage' with a break.

Like, MARRI (AGE).

Bomb dropped! This wasn't to scare you and neither it was stupid. Sooner or later you will realize how life changes after marriage. Marriage life is pretty dope with full of illogical fights, love doses, surprises, and embarrassing situations that may come your way to make other laughs. As you gradually get used to spousal life, here are some amazing awkward situations which come up in every couple's life which at times looks annoying but these instances look super cute when remembered.

1. Toothbrush mauj mein.

After marriage, even your toothbrush's life will have a romantic/sensual life than you. Most of the time you will see them kissing each other for no reason.

after marriage

2. Your dressing table is not yours anymore.

Your stuff on the dressing table now occupies just 20% of the space; the rest 80% is occupied by your better-half. All the perfumes, moisturizers, creams, foot-creams, day-creams, night-creams, rubber-bands, hairbands; I mean everything is almost of them.

after marriage

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3. If one cannot sleep, how the hell the other is sleeping?

When either of you can't sleep, so you gotta wake the other one up, why? Saath janmo ka vaada bhool gaye?

after marriage


You thought it to be coming soon? Highly mistaken! The money you give to your better half will never come back to you. The only thing which will be back is their shopping items and your quest to find out something common which you both can use.

after marriage

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5. Snoring is the next music.

How can we forget that? Your partner snoring while sleeping is the ultimate struggle which couples go through.

after marriage

6. Wet towel, Wet bed.

Your bed will now get a third partner (other than you 2). You will always see a wet towel every now and then.

after marriage

7. What should we eat?

Let's assume, it takes almost 45 minutes to cook 1 item. But the decision to make WHAT takes 2 hours.

after marriage

8. People waiting for Khushkhabri.

Every now and then the most obvious question you are going to hear is "Beta khushkhabri kab dein rahe ho?"

after marriage

9. Pet names/Embarrassing names are no more secret.

You throw up each other's embarrassing name in public which almost always becomes awkward.

after marriage

10. A bucket filled with water is not your baby.

Because your better half is the PT Usha in the house. She always enters the bathroom before you. Your efforts of opening the tap and waiting for the bucket to get filled up goes worthless.


These above points might look controversial for you, but Shadi ka laddu Khao to pachtaao, na Khao to bhi. SOOCHNA JANHIT MEIN JAARI.
And if you are going for love marriage, toh toh aur bhi masala hoga dude

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