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Wow! That Feeling When Your Parents Get You A Profile Of That Guy Whom You Had A Crush On.

Date: 2019-07-02 09:25:33

By Mansha

An arranged marriage set up sounds too scary because of which many thoughts come into your mind like, "what I will talk about", "what to ask and what not", "hoping for not to say anything which can hurt other's feelings", "how would be he or she", "what if I don't like that person" and there is no ending of such thoughts. Now imagine, your parents would come to you with a photo and would say, "this is that person with whom you have to go for coffee tomorrow" and you open that envelope with a "not interested look" but guess what? You will get the biggest happiness and shock of your life because that photo would be of someone on whom you had a crush for years.


Now imagine, what all feelings you will face at that time. Can you imagine? Because I can and I have come with such feelings to make you happy even if it is for a few minutes...


"Am I seeing right or I am daydreaming, again?"
"Let me rub my eyes"
(After rubbing)
"Shit, this is for real"


"Don't let your stupid smile appear, parents are watching idiot"
"Okay, make a straight face and say that you will meet without showing you're too much of interest", (I will go)
"My heart is dancing"
"Now I believe in miracles"


"I won't tell my friends because I don't want to get it to jinx"
"I have never been this happy"
"Finally, I will be having him or her sitting with me after years of trying"
"Can I call a date because what else is it then?"


"What all will I talk about"
"I will act mature"
"I have to look my best tomorrow"
"Oh my god, let's wear his or her favorite color"
"I can't stop imagining about having me as my wife or husband"


"Our love story would be so crazy"
"But should I tell that person that I had crush years back"
"I don't want to turn out to be a creep"
"No, I won't tell that in first meeting"


"I will wait till second or third meeting"
"I want to dance, let's play some musiccccc"
"This arranged thing is so cool"
"I have never thought in my wildest dreams that this would happen for real"
"God, please help me this time"
"Please let me have that person for life."


"I can't wait for morning to arrive"
"Tomorrow is a special day, I might have my own fairytale."
"Wish me luck universe, I need it"...


Are you imagining the same feelings or is it just me? Do let us know your imaginary feelings by commenting down...

Keep daydreaming because dreams keep us alive!!

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