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This Girl Taught A Good Lesson To This Auntie Who Shamed Her For Wearing 'Rape-Inviting' Clothes

Date: 2019-04-30 22:02:45

By TabloidXO Writers

Now and then, we all hear such stories where women get shamed for wearing a short dress on the roads or anywhere in India, these bitter incidents of women being slut shamed looks raunchy. It's the mindset of the people, which makes the surrounding insecure and because of this reason many of such incidents are brushed up under the carpet.

Source: Facebook

However, this didn't happen this time,

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An incident was captured this morning in Delhi-NCR, where a group of friends were having their food in a restaurant. The incident was shared by Shivani Gupta on her social media account, the girl who was shamed by a mid-aged lady.

What actually happened was; the girl and her friends were waiting for their food in a restaurant, a lady called Shivani and told her that she should be ashamed of wearing a short length dress, which her friends came in support of her and asked the lady to apologize.

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In the video, You will see a lady yelling at the camera about the girl dress length and she looks not at all repentant for the harsh words which she said.

Shivani further reveals that the lady talked about how women are raped because other women wear clothes like these which invite the rapists.

Source: Facebook

"It is a sign one is asking for it. This girl wants to wear short to short dress just to encourage all, to see them."


Yes, this is one of her lines which she said in the video. Frankly, I was shocked to hear such words from a lady to another lady.

What amused me more was when; "She addressed the other men at the restaurant directly and told them to rape women like us the moment they see us. That's when more of my friends decided to get this woman to apologize for what she had said."

Source: Facebook

Since then, the video has been shared on various social platforms where users are expressing their thoughts and schooling the lady in the comment section. The woman has now deactivated her Facebook account after backlash; however, till now there has been no verbal or written answer from her side about this incident.

The bitterness of this whole story is; a woman is shaming the other women for dressing herself in a short dress.

Source: Facebook

The girls who wear short clothes ask for such shaming? No, we don't believe so. It's her right to whatever she wants to wear.

It's time to think before we puke out such trash talk.


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