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One Day Our Whole Family Sat Down To Find A Good Name For A Baby, Instead Of Finding A Name, We Ended Up Fighting

Date: 2018-11-15 12:35:43

By Mansha

Are you having a baby? Or is your sister or sister-in-law about to deliver a baby? If yes then you will totally get it what I am about to say. Deciding a baby's name is hell difficult because I know I have gone through it and again I am going through that phase. Okay? Don't take it wrong I am not the one who is delivering a baby. My sister is the one who is about to give me a cute little nephew or niece.



One day, we sat with this bunch of baby names books because we wanted to select a few names before the baby arrives in this beautiful world to make our lives colorful and bright. Our excitement level is at par and when we sat with names books we all were feeling overwhelmed and touched because we waited for this for so long.


Okay, we won't get emotional because it is quite funny as after having a family meeting of about four hours still we are nameless and baby is about to come in few days. So there were about to be grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles, in total we are the family of ten people. We decided to sit on a round table and each person opened different books of girls and boys. We decided to divide the books into a different set of groups like five people would go for boy names and five people would go for girl names. After two minutes when we all started digging and writing every name on paper, which we liked, we started talking and that talking turned into the major fights and disagreements.


Few wanted spiritual names and few wanted modern era names though no one was listening to what parents' want. They were just sitting at the corner with a face of "koi humse bhi puchlo". Being grandparents, they want something meaningful and straight away out from god names and being the modern era children "Generation Z" we want something happening and international name so that if that baby goes abroad to study then his or her name should be according to that, to this thought we got to listen that our grandchild is not going anywhere. To this, we had more disagreements and fights and it ended with everybody saying "Jo Karna Hai Karo".


Prior every effort, we were and we are still nameless and we don't know what our baby would be called as because of generation gap thinking or I would say "sab confused hai". As it is happening since decades every newborn called as "baby", "chotu", "Gudiya" or any silly nicknames for few months till we decide his or her name, our baby would also be called by these idiotic and embarrassing nicknames till we find suitable and meaningful names for her or him.



Is this happens in your house too or only my family is this kind of cartoon? Do let us know by commenting down.

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