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Bengaluru Police Will Train Stray Dogs To Serve As Guards In The City.

Date: 2020-01-24 18:29:01

By TabloidXO

Mostly in India, Indie dogs are not preferred when it comes to selection for k9 dogs. But gradually in some cities, Indian breeds are coming out to be a good asset for the police force/army. Indian dogs have magnificent ability to adapt to any weather conditions as they have lived here and also has a powerful olfactory sense. Indian stray dogs are perfect to get recruited for k9 jobs or police job.

Bengaluru Police will train Stray Dogs k9 dog.


Recently in Bengaluru the South Division police have decided to recruit stray dogs as the watchdogs for the stations and also they will accompany the police on night patrols.

Bengaluru Police will train Stray Dogs k9 dog.

The man behind the idea is Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Rohini Katoch Sepat. He instructed the police personnel to keep an eye on the stray dogs who are loitering around police stations so that they can be trained by police dog trainer.

Bengaluru Police will train Stray Dogs k9 dog.

Police commissionar said:

"There are at least about 50-60 dogs in total who are mostly outside the police stations wandering around. Many residents come and feed them and take care of them. Now, we want to do our bit by doing the same. I have asked my officials to feed the strays and we are also going to give them basic training - like obeying commands - so that we can even use them as guard dogs."

Bengaluru is not actually the first state to recruit strays in the police force.

The first state who implemented such a great idea to recruit stray dogs was Uttarakhand police. They trained some stray dogs to become a part of the Uttarakhand police force.

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