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To My Despo Friends, Stop Convincing Me To Get Into A Relationship.

Date: 2019-09-03 18:43:27

By TabloidXO

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Relationships are a 21st-century black plague. Except black plague was unwanted, in this case, if you are not affected by this bubonic plague then you are treated like it's a great tragedy that happened to you. Sigh!


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It's funny how the internet is loaded with content making memes on relatives who pressurize you on getting married, stand up comedies on parents finding an adequate match for you, every movie has one Punjabi aunty who is a full-on kitty party with a sole purpose in life to get everybody married, sigh for the first fact that it always has to be a Punjabi aunty because only this one culture exists where people force you to get married.


Sigh for the second fact that any woman who is fashionable will be treated as a joke and would be doing things like pressurizing people to get married. Sigh that this content is shamed whilst peers pressurizing you to go on Tinder dates, forcing you to get committed are encouraged.

But yes, coming to the elephant in the room, this best friend who keeps on pressurizing you to get into a relationship, why do you do this?

What is it that you get out of it?

Are you getting any commissions?


Or is it because your universe revolves around your partner and you think everybody else also should get committed so that everybody's life will get to pause and everybody together will feel miserable about?

Tereko humari khushi nahi dekhi jaa rahi na?

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How can it be when the entire internet makes memes of men cheating women, women cheating men, women preferring fuck boys over good boys and how all relationships will come to an end one day, no matter how good they are, how the women crib about living with men, then why do you have to care about who is hitched with whom?

Was there some universal separation that happened where if one breed of humans will deliver content, then the other breed has to do the same?

See, friends, best friends, and family, we love you with our whole heart and we get it that you love us too but you don't know what is best for us. Yes, you truly do not. Gone are the days when Alok Nath was a hit, Salman Khan was a hero with a best friend, who knew what is better for him.



Truth being told, you do not even know what is best for you then how can you tell me "if I am not in a relationship then I am missing out something in life?"

You might have known me, but you have never walked in my shoes, so please drop it. If I will like someone I will surely be telling you happily, until then,

Ram Ram, Namaste! Aasha Kartein Hai Apki Budhi Mein Kuch Gaya Hoga!


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