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Vacations Are Over & Its Time To Say Bye Bye To Our 'Saath Samundar Friends' Who Are Again Ready To Leave Us For A Year

Date: 2018-09-04 14:28:54

By Mansha

I have my friends who were with me during my school days and then they left me for their graduation abroad. I was pissed and angry at them when they said, "Yayyy all the formalities are done and I am flying for my graduation", bloody for damn three years. That time I wanted to be happy for them because their dreams were coming true but at the same time, I wanted to slap them so hard to leave me here alone in this shit place.


They said Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai ... lekin dost first aa jaye toh zyada dukh hota hai.
In this case, Dost kaabil ban jaye toh bahut khushi hoti hai par jab dost tumse dur hoke kaabil ban jaye toh aur dukh hota hai.

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Still remember, when for the first time I went to see her off at the airport, I tried so hard to not show my tears in front of her, but when she hugged me that too a long hug, for the very first time, only I knew how I had stopped my tears that time and she too. We both were strong in front of each other but inside we knew we are about to crash any moment now. I was proud of her that finally she got it what she wanted like forever. Still so proud of her. And when she visited me after a year, I used to plan everything before her arrival like lunches at her favorite places, clubbing at our favorite places and night stays at each other houses. Sending her was tough but waiting for her arrival used to be full of excitement.


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Still, after so many years of separation, we feel the same pain every time. Sometimes, we tell each other, now it's been almost five years, why we still feel sad? And we don't have an answer for that, where we both have made new friends, we roam around with them, we party with them and we stay with them sometimes, but her place is still void and reserved only for her. No matter, how many new friends we make but they say, "APNE TOH APNE HOTE HAIN", school friends have different place in your life which no one else can take, regardless of how hard you try to fill that emptiness in your life but still that place would be hers.

Even they know that these three months I would want to stay with her and every time they support me. They know that they can never take her place and they too try to build good friendship with her and they do have, which is the biggest blessing for me.



Also, our family members ask us "when they are back", "what's your plan on this Saturday" and "now we won't see you for next three months, we are prepared for that".

No matter how far we are, we always were and still connected through the heart. We still behave like kids, which we used to be, we still fight on "why you didn't call me from last a week" but that doesn't matter now. Whenever we meet, say one year after or ten days after, nothing seems changed. Every time we laugh at the same school jokes and every time we pull each other's legs without any hesitation.



Now, it's time to say goodbye again to our friends as September is approaching, so this time say bye with a smile and let them know you miss them every day of your life but still you are happy for them for their achievements.


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