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Me And Best Friend Became Family, All Thanks To My Brother.

Date: 2019-04-25 11:57:37

By Mansha

There is a saying, "family is what that God has chosen for us, but friends are the family that we chose for ourselves". Now imagine, what it would be like if your closest friend will be the family that God has chosen for you?
Amazing, isn't it?
This is that story which god turned it into a fairy tale of two best friends who turned into family.


Being 90s kids, we all must have watched "KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI" and we fell in love the story was being told by "Anjali's best friend" and how she wanted her daughter to be her partner in crime in getting RAHUL AND ANJALI together. Yes, I was that Anjali in my best friend and my brother's life, I wanted them to date each other and in the end, get married to each other.


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It all started during my wedding dance practices. Coincidentally, choreographer chose them to be dance partners in all the important performances and there it struck me how cute they look together, that moment I decided to be the cupid. I shared this idea with my fiancée and he too was pretty sure of one thing that they have something for each other, it was evident in their moves and the way they used to laugh with each other. They just needed a cupid and a guide to guide them and during my wedding, it was my main mission.


Very smartly, I gave them two rooms in one row. Yes, they were just one wall away and that's how they started interacting with each other, then I bought my friends into this plan, and they started organizing after party plans in their rooms and this is how they started to know each other better. Within one day, it was evident that something is cooking up because my brother started looking for her everywhere and my best friend started getting all blushy in front of him. By seeing this improvement, I wanted everything to go according to my plan.


On the day of the wedding, my brother came to my room for a photo session and he asked, "What else you want from me on this big day" and without thinking twice, I said "you and she looks good together". That time, I saw something in his eyes, which I had never seen it before, there was a different sparkle that can only come when you are in love with someone and I felt blessed about the fact that I was the first one to know that my brother is finally in love. He said nothing after that except, "Yes, she is a great girl."


After some days later,

I was on my honeymoon when I received the best call of my life from my brother, he said, "Your wish has come true". For a minute, I was clueless and blank, but when I heard her voice too, I was in happy tears and I knew this dating phase will definitely go somewhere far and it did after some months. Within four months of dating, he proposed to her and I got my sister in my best friend.


I know, everyone is not that lucky, but I am. I have got my friend as my main family member and now we don't only gossip about random things, but about our darling husbands too because something never changes.

Someone who believes in dreams...

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